The Yesterday Adventurers (Fanon contest entries)

In prevision for the future contests, I updated my old mocs of the toa of the yesterday quest (Chiara, Orde and Zaria), and here is the result:

Orde, the violent Toa of psionics

Some poses and additional pictures

His mace can be stored in his back.

Story moment of the character:

The encounter with the Zyglaks…

Hum, I mean, the massacre of the zyglaks

And a turnaround

Chiara, the loner Toa of lightning

Some poses and additional pictures

Her spear can be stored in her back

Plus a turnaround

Zaria, the redeemer Toa of iron

Some poses and additional pictures

His staff can be stored in his back as well

Story moment of the character

Encountering the Makuta

Finish him !

And a turnaround

Link for the files and breakdown photos

Orde - Google Drive

Chiara - Google Drive

Zaria - Google Drive

Custom parts link

Bionicle Toa Orde's Mace by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse
Kanohi Sanok, Great Mask of Accuracy (Non-Organic) by KhingK - Thingiverse
Bionicle Toa Chiara's spear by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse
Bionicle Toa Nikila's Hips Armor by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse
Kanohi Volitak, Great Mask of Stealth by KhingK - Thingiverse
Bionicle Toa Zaria's Staff by Scmdex90 - Thingiverse
Great Mask of Adaptation by Rothanak - Thingiverse

My pack: Scmdex Pack - Google Drive

I hope you will appreciate these models. Every constructive suggestions to enhance the models are welcome.


I like that the pointy bits of Orde’s mace are a combination of modelled spikes and actual Lego pieces. Too often a custom weapon will just be a purely-custom model without much use beyond the figure it was made for, but this one has some customizability to it.

Overall, though, all three of these models look pretty close to how I’d expect these Toa to look.


ooo fun
always nice to see mocs o these guys


Haven’t seen varias mask before, who’s is it?


Ah these three mocs look nice, I’d definitely say your moccing ability has improved over time. Nothing overly complex, but that works well. Nice job


It is the mask of adaptation made by Rothanak. I put the link to the thingiverse page in the topic.

Galva’s and KhingK version of the mask are very good, but I prefered to use this one. In my opinion, this design is the most accurate recreation of the mask seen in the ignition comics, and it gives me the feeling it could have been designed by lego.


Orde is the best of the three, the torso and mace really give him character.

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Quick update:
I made some minor change to Chiara.

Is it better than the original ?


definitely, looks much cleaner


Update on Chiara by filling in the gap of her metru body and some color adjustment.

Some color adjustment for Zaria as well