Theius Calendar

I finished a calendar for a fictional world I’m working on. I don’t know what else to say about it, but I calculated it to match up with our Earth years, meaning you can switch to this Calendar and use instead of our own.
The whole “years” think marked on the Calendar are marker for the pattern, it doesn’t mean that this is year 1, but it means that it’s year 1 of the pattern, before the pattern repeats. Also Mefla is leap day on their calendar

1>1>1>2A>"repeats from beginning"

I hope that explains everything
Edit: There was a mistake with the order of the days, three of them repeated, when they weren’t supposed to repeat. So, it changed the pattern a bit, honestly made it easier though.

Also I’m working of a by monthly calendar format, that should be up soon

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Looks good!
I just kinda skimmed over it, but it’s really cool.
I like the names, they sound alien.

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All I really see is a list of names.

Fair point, but that’s basically what a calendar is, it’s list of names created for time keeping. In this case each column is its own month, while 36 days per month.
To clarify this isn’t a by month calendar, it’s a by year calendar, which shows the entire year at once, a by month system is generally what we use.