TheJMPofArcadia's Artwork Request Topic

Meh. I feel bored. And Even though I procrastinate, I can still make art! The type of artwork I could make for you guys would be character related and limited to the following:

-scenes involving said character(s)

I could also just do backgrounds, weapons and stuff. Just feel free to ask. Also for the character artwork I require a thorough description...

Well then.

I could actually use this for CotF.

But then again @Maethorneth is my official artist.

Draw a squeaver dude(squirrel with beaver tail). Just make it humanoid. I would but whenever I get time to draw I'm working on Kyoryu's drawing. which is coming along nicely IF ONLY I COULD GET THOSE EYES RIGHT!!!

Could you draw this guy, in a jungle? (and make all the orange the same tone as the mask)

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You can try my selfMOC, Jethryn. (since I currently am too critical of my own artwork for him)

Le source materiel.

Something on the Metru Nui skyline, like Batman, perhaps. Or on a street walking away from a bunch of knocked-out baddies.

you know what, my toa team would make a good picture
a po-koro background like the 01 group shots would be cool

give it a shot if you want.

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Okay, this will sound wierd but

An image of risebell interogating a newbie user, swearing and asking why he double posted, while nyran in the corner is facepalming

I came up with this yesterday. and dont ask how


Yes, yes this should be a thing.

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To do list:

give it a day or two or something and It sall be made


is that the order in which they will be done?

randomly I guess...

okay I guess

I guess too.

Okay, I got a bit of a tricky.
I'd like you to make my Self-MOC...


Seriously, though, if you're up to the challenge, he wears that mask Hydraxon wears, only in black, and his weapons are a sword and shield.

that's a little vague...

I mean be VERY descriptive. Or if you want I can post a template

I was replying to @Onyx_
but for everyone else, that could come in handy.

I was just saying that I'd like to see what you come up with.

Okay, so

No info on what it should look like
Only knows the mask and that the weapons are a sword and shield
oh and that he only wears black

I am sure that will help him a lot


I could only make sketches but here goes...



@pot8o 's request, featuring noob, @Risebell and @Nyran

And finally @Willess12 and his toa in a jungle

@Payinku and @Hawkflight are WIPs, I'l make em soon.