Theme of Building in BIONICLE

So now that we know the promo image is of the mask of creation, I got thinking. In 2001 we got six Toa who washed ashore and built themselves to fight Makuta. Many fans look fondly upon this as one of the defining if not THE DEFINING scenes of BIONICLE lore. But one aspect is always overlooked, specifically the 'building' part. Not only did it connect Bionicle to the main theme of Lego, it connected BIONICLE to us. WE built the Toa so they could find the masks and fight rahi. Unfortunately this concept was largely ignored for the rest of the series save for some exceptions: boxors, ussanui, the Bara Magna robot, the great beings creating everything, that one quote from the mnog with Makuta and destroying, and none the least, the mask of creation. This brings us to the topic, will the new generation of BIONICLE have a more prevalent theme of building and creativity?


Yes. The Mask of Creation's involvement in next year's story line could touch on the issue of creativity.

Well to what extent? Back in the ignition series we had the mask of life, but all that really served for was an object the heroes and villains were after. They didn't explore the theme of life and death except for in the trials before the chamber of life and Matoro's death. Other wise the MoL was a plot hack.

With Toa Ignika they explored what it means to be alive and to be a hero. But yeah, in a lot of ways it was a plot hack. Especially in 2009.

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Maybe it will discuss what your creativity should be used for and morality. Let's say the Mask of Creation is in your possession, will you use it to make homes for the homeless or to do wicked things such as get a revenge on a dreaded adversary?

I'd say make homes, drop them on your dreaded adversary, and then donate them to the homeless.

It can't go wrong.


I hope they do. I loved that scene of the Mata pulling themselves together.

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