Theory: Clear NYCC Hau is G2 Mask of Time

So the other day I had an idea: what if the clear Mask of Fire is the actual Mask of Time in G2?

It was the first G2 mask we officially got, and it was an exclusive, like the old MoT was.

We also know that similar-shaped masks can have different powers in G2 (the Protector masks)

What do you people think?

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due to how clear it is

it's either a visor

or could be a mask of invisibility in that shape or something

or, and hear me out here,

It's non-canon, just like all the other exclusive masks.


If that's true then...

The Trans-Blue Mask of Water must be the Mask of Unattainability, and the Trans-Neon Skull Scorpio mask must be the Mask of Stiff-Construction!


Ofcourse but

then someone would say "Where's the fun in that?"

But I'd agree since the exclusives never made appearances in the story so far

Firstly, it's the Mask of Fire. Secondly, it's the Mask of Fire. Thirdly, it's just a collectible.

If G2 has a Mask of Time, it's likely going to be a new mold, not just a recolour,


I don't trust anyone anymore.

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Well, on the package it came in, it says "Tahu Mask", so no.

3 Likes As far as it has been stated, exclusive masks don't currently have any impact on the story.
Kinda like where we didn't get an awesome arc where the trans-orange exclusive Tahu mask was completely drained this summer.

However, the Mask of Time is very key to the current line, it's bound to show up at some point, so keep up the theorizing!

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Or maybe just a Protector mask...

im pretty sure the clear Hau has no importance because its just a collectable

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It was named "Tahu mask" if we want to stretch it.