TheScarredTiger Art Topic - Now in Color

Hello everyone, I’ve been looking through the artwork topics for a long time, and I guess I would like to share some of my own work and get requests. Request anything superheroes or Bionicle and I will try to draw it. Every week or so I will try to post either a request or my own work. Thanks.

To start things off, here is something I have been working on for the last couple of days at school. I will color it soon.

In a post apocalyptic world ruled by Google, humanity’s last hope is one man. A man in futuristic high tech armor yet who still wears a cardboard mire for some reason.

The Eljay Chronicles.

For @TheRed1s, I wanted to do a foreshortening piece for a long time, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Here is a piece that I’ve been working on for a possible school competition, and because of the Batman v Superman hype in general.


that’s a wonderful Batman Joker pic

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Can you draw a mock/homage cover of the killing joke?

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Thanks. I will definitely try that.

Could you draw something to do with this guy?

Could you try to do something based on this guy, please?

If you are not too busy, a drawing of this would be great.

That Joker/Batman drawing… I love it.

Draw Me

whoa, that’s some pretty fine art

could you draw a powered up version of a Iron Man suit

######kind of like a super saiyan thing except… not

…has ANYONE ever asked you to be a comic cover artist? Because they need to start to!

Eyy, could you draw my spirit animal?

Could you draw this guy:

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That Batman and Joker picture is just groovy. The others are good, but that one takes the cake.

@TheScarredTiger can I get an Ice version of the Balrog.


Thanks for all of your support. I have a one week break from school so I will be able to draw 24/7 so many more pieces are to come.

If you get through all these requests, could you try something with Kardymis?

Right now, I’m in an artistic rut where I hate everything I draw, so here are previous WIP’s and stuff, I guess.


Utterly glorious.

For @Anaru_LST. This is a recreation of the first Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne Cover.

Also, I got my drawing tablet back so expect some colored works alongside more drawings.