THESE are our heroes!? The Mini Toa Mata

In jealously of people that can actually draw, I drew this whilst listening to a TTV podcast despite it having nothing to do with that.

An interview with Pohatu

Kopaka's slippery problem

Maybe not a Toa Mata, but oh well
Hali's Headache, and yes, the other one is meant to be Macku....

Kopaka's slippery problem 2

Kopaka's slippery problem 3

If any of you guys have ideas for these...things...go ahead and say, I've got nothing better to do.


I got to say.
Your drawings look great!


Thank you RECspiriah smile

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I like these. Another!


Their simplicity is what makes these so funny. I like them!


that's pretty adorable/funny

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Ahh... Memories.... smile_cat I love the new animations, and you made them even funnier! Thanks for brightening my day smile

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Thank you everybody for the support, I had no idea people would like these smile
I plan on making some for tonight, well... another Kopaka's slippery problem at least smiley

EDIT: Here it is! Kopaka's slippery problem 3, sorry that Onua changes size a bit.

Again, if anybody has ideas for new ones, don't hesitate to say smile


The "Kopaka's slippery problem" ones were hilarious! XD


make one involving sand

pohatu saying i like sand?

or remake the animations where kopaka doesnt like fire

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I nearly died laughing when I saw "I am Gali, my voice is as deep as the ocean" laughing

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Thank you everyone :smile:
I plan on making some more, maybe, sometime soonish. I've been doing a lot of stuff recently so I haven't had much time to do them.

I was also thinking of doing a stop motion with Kopaka slipping but I'm not sure

Thanks for the ideas :smile: