TheShadowedOne1 Has Passed Away.

Hello everybody.

I haven’t been active since 2019 on here but I would like to come back to say earlier just now a BioTuber and fairly well known member of the community TheShadowedOne1 aka Nathan has sadly passed away as of last November.

I found out this news through KylerNuva who is another big YouTuber, and I doubled checked all sources that were sent to me.

Attached is a screenshot I took from the Discord message on the BioTalk discord server, of which Kyler and I both are a part of.

He tagged everybody in said server, and I made sure personally that this was him and not a robot.

RIP Nathan.
My condolences to his family.


Aww man I loved his content :sob: May he rest in peace


RIP my friend…


“Biotube” style videos are what got me into the fandom, and I certainly remember the shadowed ones videos early in the picture and I’m grateful for that…man I can still hear his intro now. I wish I’d interacted more with him. RIP Nathan.


oh my god
it was his videos that really got me into the bionicle story, i cant believe it
my condolences go out to his friends and family, im so sorry
Rest in Piece Nathan


This is a really sad day for the Bionicle community. TheShadowedOne1 was such a great content creator. His countdown videos were part of the reason I regained interest in Bionicle. The Biotuber scene just won’t be the same without him. My condolences to his family, friends and fans. R.I.P. Nathan.


oh man…my greatest condolences for his friends and family. I will miss his cool videos


No freaking way! He was one of the main reasons why I like Bionicle so much. :cry:. I’m still subscribed to his channel.


Oww man that sucks. I only recently found his channel :frowning: that sucks so much.


This is very sad to hear; my best wishes go out to his friends and family.

I spent a lot of time watching his videos as a kid—the Makuta series made a huge impact on me, and even after all this time, I remember being excited for the next episode.


I’m really sorry this happened, particularly for those who were close to him. I only interacted with him once or twice, but he seemed a kind man, and that made him a precious one to have in this community. It’s a great loss, and I hope those affected get all the time and patience they need to heal from it.


'Tis a sad day for the livelihood of Biotube. I always liked his work, my condolences to his friends and family. Rest peacely Nathan.


RIP a community legend. My condolences to his family.


My goodness I just learned about this now. Causally watching some of his videos and I see a comment saying rip. Just can’t believe it. I didn’t know him personally only talked with him once on here only saying how much I appreciate his work. Being a little star struck at the time I may have come off a little strong. I grew up watching his videos since his phantoka and makuta series. I remember being more invested in his series then the bionicle story it’s self. Just can’t believe he is gone. I remember looking up all and watching movies he recommended or referenced in his videos and enjoying every one. Wish I could have actually meet him in person. Even though I never actually met him I feel like I lost a friend. RIP TSO1.


Oh no! Wow that’s tragic. How did he pass away? I remember seeing him on BZP and watching his stop motions for years.