Things you have backed up

we all have things that we back up because of our own paranoia, be it computer drives, to discs, to video game files

I will share the things I have backed up

  1. A minecraft map on the xbox one AND 360 (me and my friends put about 35-40 hours into that thing)

  2. All of the pictures from the Bionicle memes topic in case the topic was closed both or deleted, on a thumb drive and on my computer

  3. a halo 2 anniversary map that took way too long to make

so what has everyone here been paranoid enough about to back up?


Sprites I’m working on

Should be backing up a lot more. Should be.


I think I’ll start backing up my stuff. A couple days ago I deleted every record of one of my mocs except for a single pic. Sadly while uploading a bunch of mocsto my computer I forgot to upload that one and deleted everything off of the camera…

My entire hard drive. Sometimes my laptop doesn’t behave…


Whenever I write stuff on Word, I back up and save like every few minutes.

Of course, I save my Word docs, but I don’t back them up externally.

I have several Minecraft backups for maps which my brother and I have been working on for a long time. I have a cloud backup that I update regularly for my one folder on the computer that I keep all my stuff in. (The rest of my family refuses to pay for such a thing) and I have a regularly updated iCloud backup of my iPhone in case JARVIS decides he doesn’t want to live anymore. There are so many texts that I need to keep saved on that phone it’s not even funny. I also have several backups of all my videos, pictures and musicz because why not.

I’m really paranoid because the family computer currently has 37 different viruses, and almost all of them are good at shutting down computers and wiping hard drives. It’s happened before. It will happen again.


I just backup my RCT saves.

And my music.

And my pirated copy of Fate/stay Night.

And my saves for said visual novel.

I pretty much backup everything on my xbox, but my back up drive somehow died, so now i backup all my backups :smile:

good god that’s terribad

You think thats bad? Mine has 65!

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I’ve backed up my entire hardrive and have 0 viruses (Macs FTW).

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I have no idea what’s backed-up and what’s not on my computer :stuck_out_tongue:

I have my whole computer backed up to an external SSD and my iPhone to iCloud.

The Toilet.


you should probably get that checked

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Don’t worry. It’s fixed now. That was a while ago. :smile:


…I would back things up, if I had the space to actually do so. And if my computer didn’t crash every time I tried to before. That’s the curse of having a somewhat damaged laptop from 2008, I suppose.

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The only things I would care about losing are all either Steam games or uploaded to an image hosting site like Imgur. I don’t really need to.