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Perhaps I’m a bit late on this, but it occurred to me that many fans of Star Wars come to these boards, and they might be involved in This Is Madness. This Is Madness is a sort of parody of March Madness in which users of the Star Wars website can vote for their favorite character each day. Last year Vader won, the first Dark Side win ever. You can discuss anything, such as who you voted for, why, and any glitches with the polling program. (I’ve found quite a few) Today I voted for Yoda and Kylo Ren. Since this poll is on the Star Wars website, I’m putting this in Internet, but if the mods think it better in movies, move (my topic) away.


Who wins in your bracket? I put Yoda down, he’s got one win already.

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Okay, I’ll be honest that I didn’t do a bracket, but I expect Obi Wan or Yoda to win. I kinda want a newcomer to win (like Rey) but I don’t expect it.


That moment when you root for Tarkin in a corner.


And Luke won…
Big surprise…