This is my point. Do you understand that?!

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and finally got around to it. In short, it’s my own soldier loadout.

Tell me what you think of it! Constructive criticism is welcome.


Don’t play TF2 to often, but this is a pretty good sketch overall!

Love the line-work. Although I wish some of the background lines would be removed. Then again, it does give it a “sketchy” style.



The linework isn’t bad, but I think that the background and foreground meld together too much.

You need to make them distinct with some kind of contrast; as it stands, it took a minute for my eyes to understand what’s what.

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The depth perception here is a little off, you might need some sort of design that helps people get a perspective.

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looks like a



Last I checked Nazis don’t wear bandanas, an aviator helmet, and a coif with a rocket emblem sewn onto the sleeves.

Although this is based off of a character that makes verrry racist comments and cheers for 'Murica to no end so…


Who dis be?

That being the soldier from TF2.

Yo where’s the head rack?