Thomas Knight

enter link description here


cool lightsaber

thanks. I like to call it Star saber.


Nice work.

Everything is better with a light saber.

this build is phenomenal the only gripe i would have would be the length of the legs :confused: but otherwise 9/10 :smiley:

This is really good. I like what you did with the Star Wars gun piece.

Like in Transformers?


yes. like Transformers

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This is a really neat MOC. I love the build.
Here’s my GIF for you.

I like him but man does he have hips.

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Step 1. Unless this is an explicitly human character, don’t give him a human name. Please.

MOC itself is a better start than most, as far as proportions/customness is concerned. But it is a generic, black-and-silver MOC. If you threw in another color on him, maybe stylized as part of his coat of arms or something, he’d look a bit less generic.

Looking forward to seeing more MOCs from you!

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Pretty much what Hawky said,

Although I would add that the hip area underneath the skirt armor is gappy, and also…

there’s a questionably shaped beam sticking out from under the waist…

That needs to go as soon as possible.

Otherwise, really solid builds and ideas.

But he has light blue highlights

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You mean the two pieces visible in only two pictures?

I was making a joke about the blue pins