"Those Who Came Before You"

So my favorite Bionicle book is Tales of the Masks, and my favorite chapter is Onua’s. This story is based off that chapter. Please leave your thoughts below.

Onua tossed and turned over the Turaga’s words, questions racing through the Toa of Earth’s head. Those carvings in the tunnel, Whenua had said they were images of the Toa that came before, but where were these Toa now? Why couldn’t anyone else seem to recall such Toa? And if nobody knew they existed, then who carved the images of them? He sat up, realizing he wasn’t going to sleep. At least not yet. He needed answers.

He stumbled through the inky murkiness of the tunnel, a light stone grasped firmly in his armored hand. He scanned the rough wall, searching for the carvings. There. Over a small hole in the wall. He placed the light stone into the hole, getting down on one knee to get a better view. His fingers glided over the faded carvings, taking in their form and texture. The carvings’ forms were vaguely familiar, but Onua wasn’t sure why. Their colors echoed that of his own team, signaling that they too embodied the elements.

“Who were you…” Onua whispered to himself as he examined the etchings.

He was about to give up when something caught his eye. The red one’s mask. A single visor, a mechanical vocalizer. Onua had seen something similar on another being. This was Vakama. Disbelieving, he turned his attention to the blue one. This similarity was even more noticeable, the carving’s mask’s rounded, smooth, structure clearly being a precursor to Nokama’s Noble Rau. His eyes darted from figure to figure, seeing echoes of the village elders in each.

The Toa of Earth stumbled backwards. It couldn’t be. It was impossible. As he stared in disbelief, the sound of metal scratching against stone reached his ears. He turned quickly, his eyes falling on the hunched, aged figure of Whenua.

“I thought I would find you here.” He said, his eyes scanning the Toa’s expression. “You have uncovered the truth.”

Onua’s eyes narrowed. “You and the other Turaga, you were Toa.”

Whenua nodded, his mask curled into a solemn expression. “We were. Do… Do you intend to tell the others?”

Onua pondered the question briefly before shaking his head. “No, wise one. I know not why you hide this from us, but there is a purpose to it, I am certain.”

Whenua smiled, for a moment looking young and powerful once more. “You are as wise as you are strong, Onua, and in time you will hear the legends of Metru Nui and we, its guardians. But for now, we should leave. It is time to sleep.” The vision of power faded as quickly as it came, leaving only a Toa and an aged Turaga to leave the dark cavern, stepping into the light.


I’m speechless, Great job.

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Thanks! That’s a huge compliment!