Thrainus: Captain of The Knights of the Spark- Self MOC

Hello, this is one of the first times that I've built with Bonkle, so bear with me here. However, I consider myself pretty skilled in CCBS. Check out the pictures, and then read the lengthy Bio and how this guy fits into the BIONICLE Story!

This is his standard pose.

But what's this?!?!

Yes, stored Nynra Ghost Blasters! Along with a handy plasma staff!

This is a back shot with blasters up.

Stabby stab!

I'm quite proud of this MOC. It really just started with me wanting to swap heads with my old Self MOC (Next Photo)

This is the original version of my Self MOC, using only CCBS.

Millions of years after the reformation of Spherus Magna, all Toa, Glatorian, Agori, Matoran, and any other sentient species have either died off or been interbred into the new superspicies, the Spheron. This species naturally separated intoelemental groups of Fire, Ice, Rock, Sand, Water, Air, Jungle, Lightning, Magnetism, Plasma, Sonics, Gravity, Vacuum, Iron, and Psionics. The Fifteen Tribes lived in harmony for several hundred years after evolution was complete, yet war was inevitable. In order to prevent war over territory and even petty disagreements, the Elders of the Spheron tribes called upon the rituals of old, and developed a grand Arena at the central city of Spheri Nui (created around the fractured head of the Makuta Robot), where the greatest warriors of Spherus Magna would settle disputes in a melee death match. This was the way for thousands of years, until one came along who rained champion for 5 whole years: Thrainus, of the Fire Tribe.

He was nigh immortal in combat, and was so skilled that near the end of his role as a gladiator, he faced deadly rahi instead of actual competitors. However, Thrainus himself was hollow in his gladiator days. For not only did he slaughter hundreds of other gladiators, but he payed the price that all gladiators did: he was a slave to his people. You see, on the reformed Spherus Magna, any who commit crime are sentenced to become a gladiator. The only thing that keeps them going is that if they live for 5 years, they shall be released. Thrainus was the first ever gladiator to do this. Once released however, he put his life of crime and murder behind him, and quickly rose through the ranks of Fire Tribe politics as a newly reformed pacifist and philosopher. Once leader of the most powerful Spheron tribe (due to his victory in the Arena) he sought to tear down the Arena and turn it into a place of gathering for the tribes, where decisions would be made through thought and intellect. He achieved these dreams, and brought about the Thousand Year Peace, gaining even more popularity.

But as peace lasted, populations grew, and supplies dwindled. The Spheron sent pods into space to search for new planets to inhabit, yet none ever returned. The Ice Tribe became impatient, and after so many years of peace, they attacked a supply convoy of the Jungle Tribe. Hoping to prevent war, Thrainus called together a meeting of all 90 tribal Elders. When he got there, he noticed that there were roughly half of the Elders there. After hours, the Ice tribe finally showed up; but as an ambush. They fired there weapons, killing a dozen Elders before the rest could run to safety. When Thrainus returned to his village with news of two tribal Elders passing, he had no choice but to declare war. And thus, the Great War for Spherus Magna began.

Thrainus chose not to abandon his pacifist ways entirely however, because he instructed his troops to kill only when necessary. He allied with the other tribes who had been ambushed, and discovered that the ones who had not had joined Thrainus. The mysterious tribe of Psionics decided to disappear into the mountains, and has not been seen since. Thrainus chose to let the other Elders direct the main war, and decided he would win with strategy rather than force. He founded the Knights of the Spark, an elite unit of stealth troopers, and led them as their Captain. The Knights took out strategic targets like supply lines and power plants, again killing only with necessary. To suit his new needs in combat, Thrainus managed to silence a pair of concealable Nynra Ghost Blasters, and contracted his allies, the Plasma Tribe, to make a batch of humless plasma blades. He also exchanged his bright red armor for a cloaking dark red armor set. Finally, as was customary in wartime, he donned a Great Kanohi, passed down for generations. He chose the Hau, and thus required no shield. Him and the Knights were a force to be reckoned with. Sometimes great battles were won or lost because of their strategy, and Thrainus, grudgingly, was forced to take a large role in the Great War for Spherus Magna.

The Spheron are still fighting today, with casualties on both sides, and only Mata Nui knows when they will stop. This is a curious time in the Tale of the BIONICLE. Will all resemblance of past legends fade into myth, with the entire Universe being devoid of the life that killed itself off? Or will the Three Virtues of Unity, Duty, and Destiny prevail?

Okaaaaay! That was long, and I thank you if you read it all the way through! If you want to see more of my MOCs, check out my youtube channel: The Lego Box. Make sure to share your thoughts below!


The build looks pretty awkward,but

The colors are awesome thought


@Ghosty is right. The pelvis is too wide, the arms are too short, but the chest does look really cool! I also like the Nyrah ghost blasters on the shoulders.



  • The color scheme is very consistent.
  • Like the weapon, It matches his immense height.
  • The proportions/build of the MOC are pretty out there and strange looking.

I would give it an overall rating of a 7/10.
The proportions are really odd and the build is pretty out there, but For a first dive into The Bionicle system, this is really good.

Nice Job! wink

the newer version feels awkward. The first one seems less awkward however


Wow! I guess its not as good as I thought! Actually, I really only used Bionicle pieces for armor and the forearms, so I'm very familiar with the parts of the MOC you guys are criticizing, meaning I dont really deserve a pass. I used a wide torso upper half to make the pelvis, because otherwise I feel its a little too small. Also, I'm a pretty big dude in real life, and it looks pretty accurate to my waste size, but maybe it doesn't look weird to me cuz I created it. I can see why you guys think the build is a little messy, but holding him right now, I think it looks cleaner in person. However, what do you guys mean by the weird proportions? As you can see in the fourth photo, his arms are as long as his mid thighs/knees, which is where my arms go to in real life. Everything else seems standard except for the hands, which I chose on purpose for expressiveness and because my hands are freakishly huge in real life. But no matter what the criticism I like how he turned out, and I need to take him apart to put back into my sets anyway, so maybe in the future I will remake him a little cleaner.


Welcome to the 'I don't have a Self MOC that looks good' club

Don't worry, I, too, have a self moc that's currently bad and the previous forms looked better. I know your pain

@The_Lego_Box @JMP Both of your Self-MOCs were not "Bad". Both had aspects that were positive and negative, but that does not warrant them as bad.

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yes well we got flak. However there's still room to improve

@JMP Exactly wink

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May be because I didnt have shoulder armor or weapons. Her are some pics removing those things. No backdrop. Sorry.


Shoulders, neck and arms feel funny... pelvice sorta looks funny still but it's alright. Feet give me a Megatron Vibe


say, Not bashing or anything

but maybe it's best you instead create a custom pelvis instead of using HF Torso skeletons?

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@The_Lego_Box It definitely looks a bit more proportional. smile


It's fine. In case you didnt notice, I straight up ripped off the legs from HF titans, so I tried to do something to shrink the waist size by inverting the thigh designs.My intent was to make it look like an action figures waist area. Ah well. I need to free up the pieces, mabye I'll take a crack at it in the future.

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my advice,

scrap that torso and build a new one using technic, you can add all the shells you want, but don't use ccbs bones to try to torso.

I like the overall design you're going for.

well, time to critique the story.

why not just keep the agori and glatorian, with maybe a few toa, turaga and matoran thrown in?

1 vacuum?
2 sand is different from rock how? are they just, shorter?
3 then why not just leave it as glatorian and agori with a few toa, turaga and matoran?

so the nynrah ghosts are still around?, or did he rob then from a museum?

I would have went with a huna, because, you know, stealth.

First off, thank you for reading it all! I've never, ever, written a BIONICLE story though, and keep in mind that I made the MOC, and then the story.

-It's millions of years later, supposedly, since Agori are more like standard organisms, most of the species have combined their traits through inter breeding (including the Matoran and Toa) to survive.
-Vacuum is an element in the MU.
-Vorox and Skrall. Stone and Earth
-I just wanted to make a singe species of equal organisms, so there could be large battles full of actual warriors.
-Haha, in my mind I pictured them as relics.
-remember, MOC came first. Also, the Hau is just iconic. Also, I tried the Huna, and it didn't look so good for his size. Maybe if I make a smaller revamp in the future.

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The proportions are a bit off and the mask just looks too small for that body. But other than that it's a very creative MOC! smile

well, they physically can't, so no, not including the toa and matoran(which are the same species fyi)

on the lush tropical paradise mata nui created,
truly, the harshest of environments.

control over air includes creating vacuums.
it's not it's own element.

you know, I was wondering what happened to earth, since stone still exists.

but you could just do that with glatorians and toa.

1 fair point
2 atleast you used the least used version of the hau
3 it's the least used version for a reason, it's ugly as karzahni.

that said, it could be a huna in story, masks can be any shape, they're just usually the common shape, ex mata and metru hau, same mask, different shape.

... I'm sorry, but how is a Mistika Hau Ugly?

Everything about it looks great. Maybe make the arms a little thicker with some CBBS or something to balance the over all silhouette and anatomy.

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