Three characters from a line of jungle people

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They’re very similar, and again the lack if mask doesn’t help at all.

Favorite part of the post.


The reason they may look similar is becquse thier part of a tribe and they lack proper bionicle and or hero factory masks as I dont have any whic fit with the chara characters

They aren’t the greatest. But I like them.

I think you forgot to change that

Cool. I like the theme of gold being almost exclusive to the weapons.

I really like these. Would be cool if you made a rival tribe. And I like the lack of a mask.

Looks like you took the same base moc and modified it a bit 3 times…

@Ranaki_Pakewa That was sort of the idea to keep them uniform but diffrent as if they where each adapted for thir part in the tribe

@ThatchMac What element should I make the rival tribe

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Fire for sure. Back in the days of natives, people would worship it. You could make them very showy about there fire, and could replace the leafy crown/hat things they wear with fiery parts.