Throwbots/Slizers and Roboriders, Alpha Team, Rock Raiders, LEGO of the 2000s Discussion

Is anyone here a (Besides Bionicle because duh) Throwbots/any Technic line fan? In a Bionicle Autopsy video, Varderan talked about Throwbots/Slizers. I like these almost as much as much as I like Bionicle, and was wondering if anyone else did. I don’t know if this already exists but Ehhh.


I like the slizer sets they look cool but other than that I know nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh I had to look up the story too. Less immersive as Bionicle, but really interesting honestly :smiley:



They were cool. I have many of their old parts and use them in some of my Bionicle MoCs.

Slizer’s thowing arm was very effective. Both Slizer and Roborider them had cool part designs.

I’m pretty sure ColdGoldLazarus is a fan as well.


I don’t have any Throwbots yet, but I plan on Ski and Amazon for sure.

I’m new here so pardon if I don’t know some people :blush:

@DarkTakanuva By the way, who is Cold Gold Lazuras?

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Another user on this site.

Ah. Probably should have guessed :I

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I think they’re great, but I wish I had some of the sets :frowning:


Same. Don’t have the money at this point…


Could you please move this topic to Lego? And I’d revise the title to Throwbots/Slizers and Roboriders Discussion.

On topic though, the sets looked cool, but I never got any.


Okay :smiley:

I’m new, so sorry…

Hey man, no worries. We just like to keep the boards as ‘organized’ as can be.

I saw some people put some of the sets on eBay for 10 bucks each don’t know if they are still up

@WajKnight Um guys this kinda has to do with the discussion…
My posts keep getting flagged, and I have no idea why. Can someone help?

Yes, I’ll send you a personal message about it.

@Greencapps Tempting actually…I have had my eyes on them for a while. All of them are pretty cheap, but Spark is pretty hard to find. They only have 2 on Bricklink. Both are Overseas, and considering I’m in America…uhhhh

Heck yeah! How did I not see this before? Anyway, massive fan of Slizers, so it’s cool to see this here.

Given the vagueness of the story, I’ve seen some radically different interpretations of it before, so my question is - what’s yours?


I never got the chance to get into Throwbots, but I was definitely into Roboriders! I’m really into racing, so for there to be robot motorcycles with awesome weapons and wheels was definitely an experience to remember for me :smiley:

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I managed to get a couple of them I believe, though only found the pieces for this one, so not sure which others I got;

Don’t believe I managed to get any RoboRiders though…


I have a theory that Throwbots may fit into Bionicle. I am starting to think maybe the Great Beings, before Mata Nui, created the Throwbots. Either they got out of hand or the Great Spirits left them, they are stranded, fighting for the little fuel they have to keep themselves going. Kinda far fetched, but I got to thinking, and maybe this is one of the theories that is @ColdGoldLazarus .

I wish I could se that picture but it won’t work :frowning: