Tie Modular

Long ago in a galaxy far far away, The Star Wars Saga began and Factions continues the excitement! The NEW Tie Modular space fighter! Adjust the wings up and down, or remove them completely! You can collect Star Wars toys and join factions! Figures and vehicles each sold separately. Batteries not included. In stores now!

Several Tie Modulars are stationed over Caamas, serving as less of a blockade and more of a minefield. after all, they’re just as likely to fly into you as they are to shoot you down.

I was inspired by Simulterious’s fantastic Tie Modular, which can be seen here and where he elaborates on the idea further: [U6 – Mon Calamari – SCS] Above the waves – A Galaxy Divided – Factions RPG Forum For my version, I was looking to build a more toyish version of the craft, with working wing adjustment pistons.


ah very cool, i love the red accents!


Another excellent Traykar star wars moc. I always love the grounded, boyish nature you bring to these build, and I can see that for this one it was especially intentional.


Cool! I’ve always been a fan of tie fighter mocs and this one is no exception.