Tika o te Koura - My failed BftGM entry

So here it is, my BftGM entry: Tika o te Koura. I'd like to start this off by saying the only reason I'm posting this now, months after the contest, is because I'm bored stuck_out_tongue . The idea behind this was to create something that melded the old BIONICLE with the new BIONICLE, while keeping the classic villain theme. By "classic villain theme" I mean a technic based build like the original Rahi.

Originally, I wanted that Skyblaster on his bow to retract into his chest, but after close to 4 hours experimenting with that I just couldn't do it. But I did like the idea of using those technic plates as a chestpiece, so I made the torso smaller, attached a gearbox (which, in retrospect, could have been a lot better) and made some semi-complicated legs to beef it up a little.

Build details (didn't bother for story because meh):
Name: Tika o te Koura (Maori for "Right of Gold" :P)
Height: About twice as tall as a Toa Mata
Build time: Close to 20 hours
Status: Parts recycled for a successful contest entry

Full Gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk6wcFsw

So, what are your thoughts?

(apologies if the paragraphs don't read back very well, it's 10 PM at the time of this writing and I'm kinda out of it. And coffee. I'm out of that too :P)


I like how you made the Midak Skyblaster a winged contraption for him to ride on. It's the Red Goblin!
The chest armor design is interesting, but it looks rather blocky.
I like how you combined the HF bone with the Inika shoulder armor.
The legs are unique in that they use the Mata bodies, but I think it would be better if there were some gears in between the ball joint and the bottom of the Mata body.

Pretty cool!

I love how you built him! LEGO didn't choose you because you we're entering a different version of their new gear box! wink

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I feel like you should put silver Nuva armor on his shins (just a thought). Also, the Metru red and Mata red look kinda odd against each other, but that's very much a matter of preference. I actually really like the overall leg design though, as gappy as it is. Also, the bow/sky board is really nice.

I think his legs look a little gappy, but other than that he's fine

RE: Legs
I myself agree with the gappiness legs, but I couldn't really fix it. I couldn't find a way to give him "kneecaps" without them sticking out too much

RE: Torso
The blocky torso was something I had to do in order to accomodate the gearbox

RE: Metru/Mata red
The Metru red accents are there cause the mask is Metru red. I don't have any other red masks except for a few Haus, but I didnt want to give a villain the most iconic hero mask