Timeline confusion

So I am just really wondering how in the world all the events from the coming of the toa to The Bohrok Swarms,The Bohrok-Kal Strike,The Mask of Light,Voya Nui, Mahri Nui,Karda Nui and Teridax’s Reign all happened in 1 year and a half but then for the prior 100,000 years there were only a handful of events of which some would span hundreds of years. It makes very little sense to me. Can someone please clarify?


I would agree somewhat. There must have been many more events than what we are aware of during the 100.000 years, otherwise the MU must have been the most boring place you could imagine. Could kind of compare it to the Harry Potter books, if we imagine that none of the spectacular events that happened in every year/book there. It would just be 7 books describing 3 kids day to day life in a school that is more special than the schools that we are used to, sure. But it would still be a boring story that would be repetitive.

The excuse that I would give for the “missing” events/years in Bionicle is that it after all is a Lego theme. Most story based Lego themes has deliberately left out details, history and endings. Why? Because that creates almost endless opportunities to create your own characters/stories anywhere on the timeline. G1 has maybe 99.997 “unused” years, and that is only in the Matoran Universe. There is still a time before the Great Spirit Robot was ever created, with the Great Beings and all. What happened on Bara Magna after the Robot left? What happens after the planets have been fused togeteher once again, and how does the new alliances between Glatorian/Agori and Toa/Matoran work out?

TL;DR: Bionicle G1 Didn’t just have an open ending, it had an open past aswell.

[spoiler]Let’s not talk about G2’s ending though. All evil was banished or dead, and the heroes went to space. Yay utopia.

Not much room for imagination there IMO.[/spoiler]


Agreed, I still think it until likely that all over those events happened in a year and half, seeing as how most of the wars lasted hundreds of years.


No doubt. The 2001-2003/2006-2010 storyline should have been at least a decade long. It kind of takes away the mystery of the first 3 years on Mata Nui, knowing that those storylines only lasted maybe 3 months in-universe.

A quote from Nokama during the Kohlii game in Mask of Light makes less sense the more I think of it now:
“Their (the Toa) last victory was a triumph, but they have forgotten how much they need each other.”
(I don’t remember the exact quote, but this is pretty much what she said. I also know that the movies are only semi-canon.)

The quote makes sense to progress the plot, by giving us the information that some of the Toa has become somewhat arrogant and think they can take on the world alone. Thus leading into the ‘Unity’ aspect of the movie, where Gali and Tahu argue, fight and then ultimately see eye to eye. But considering the timeline, their last victory that Nokama mentions, which I would presume is when they defeated the Bohrok Kal, must have been at most 2 weeks ago. It seems like the Toa forget things really quickly.

Sure, it can be argued that Tahu did the most to stop the Bohrok Kal, considering he was the one to carry the Vahi. But it still dont really make sense for them to start low-key hating each other after saving the island and then being separated for 2 weeks.

Why do i analyze this so much?


Exactly! Thank you! You and i think alike in regards to this timeline. It had to have been years in order for it to really make any sense.


Weren’t they 100% cannon?

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If you count the books as 100% Cannon then mostly, the book about the mask of light was almost exactly like the movie, even the quotes/lines from characters are similar but not exact. For instance Teridax’s says in the book “my duty is to the shadows!” In the movie he says “my duty is to the mask of shadows!” So similar but not exact.

I don’t think this is a big enough diference to make the movies semi-canon.

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Well exactly, I’m not sure why I put “mostly” as if I was not considering it cannon lol but I do.

I don’t remember when and from where I heard the movies aren’t canon, so I might be mistaken. It still doesn’t really affect the questions about the timeline in this thread, I just brought it up for context.

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The movies are mostly canon except for a few details here and there, such as all romantic subtext, getting some mask powers wrongs, and the rahaga being able to shoot energy blasts. So, ~90% canon.

Back on topic, my headcanon is that since beings in BIONICLE have such vast lifespans, they’re more inclined to long term planning. A hundred years may not seem as long to them.


No, there was love in the movies

I mean yeah, sure, that Jaller x Hahli thing that wasn’t even canon…

And to answer your question, not much happens all the time, we probably won’t do much in our lifetimes

That was the entire thing he was pointing out though. The majority of the Bionicle story took place over a year and a half, while other events that we hear about all have such massive amounts of time between them. The idea that this time is so ridiculously eventful out of nowhere (as far as we know) seems out of place. There is a slight excuse given that the arrival of the Mata allows Makuta’s plan to fall into place, but even so.

If you’re going to jump in and help necro this then at least get the question straight :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe the Makuta conquered small islands and terrorised Matoran?

Great point. But it makes me wonder… did we really need 100 000 years? That’s much longer than the entirety of human civilization/History. It’s absurdly huge, it’s hard to wrap our minds around.

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I think 100k years is a pretty good amount. Could make almost every bit of fanfiction canon in that timespan J.K Rowling intensifies

It is hard to wrap our minds around it, because a single person can’t really understand how long 100k years actually are. I would however say that if we go by that way of thinking, it is extremely hard to imagine the time between life started on Earth and when the first creatures got up on land. That was if I remember correctly, about 2,5 to 3 billion years. That is what you could call a very long time that not very much happened in. Might be a poor example, but hey. At least we have legs

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If you believe Evolution anyway. I’m used to thinking in terms of somewhere between 12-18,000 years.

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Of course. But that is a discussion for another place, another time

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