Tips To Start MOCing

You see it happen all the time, Biorock is the one I can think of that has done it the most. The over-sexualized BIONICLES are looked down upon by most. Roodaka is actually modest compared to what the community has done. Get the proportions right on female MOCs, just don't go overboard. Butts and breasts should not be larger than their heads.


WARNING: Another long post by me. stuck_out_tongue

Building off of what @Nyran said that's also an incredibly useful technique. So many of my MOCs came about from me literally just holding one piece up to another, or thinking of how I want to use a part.

A good example of "hold a piece up to another one ->Inspiration-> Build->finished MOC" is Nui-Moko,

This is also my favorite photo of it. * Giggles *

The inspiration for this MOC smacked me like a fish to the face when I held up the HF 1.0 shin guard piece to the Dragon Bolt head and thought "oh that looks very reptilian, like a dinosaur or alligator, low and behold that's what I built. After the idea struck me and i knew what I wanted, I didn't have a blue shin guard from Surge for the bottom So I thought it would be cool if I kept red on the bottom like the jaw was and blue on top with black as the main structure color since I knew I was going to have to use a lot of HF. in this build.

So how can you do the same you ask? Well first off, you're going to have to fire up your imagination, this technique doesn't really work without it, then just start holding things up to other things see what you get, or look at a part and see what crazy creative off the wall usage of that part you can get, like the Star Wars planet for an eyeball in a Mike Wazouski on Acid(and you're havin' a really bad trip man),

or a Toa Mahri Canister piece as the main body of a futuristic flying two-seater car for Matoran.

These are both MOCs I got the inspiration to build after looking at the part and going "what can I do with this? Other MOCs like Nui-Moko and Dr. Arachnefar came about by part proximity. The parts by themselves didn't yield anything, but putting them together sparked and ignited inspiration for new MOCs that I had never done before. Then sometimes I just have concepts I'd like to try out and a part I come across simply fits the bill and I go "OOOoo I should use that on this MOC." I never follow one style of building techniques or idea as I find I'm a very fluid MOCer I just go with the flow and I suggest you do the same. Because you never know when its going to be a burst of inspiration right then and there, or a more gradual building up of an idea. Every which way works as long as you're happy with the results.

While using a part as its intended purpose can work(like the dragon bolt mask and accompanying brain piece) it doesn't always have to be a head for a head, or even when you do repurpose parts, try not to be so mundane as chest armor for leg armor or just moving parts around. Get really wild and creative, push boundaries, break mental barriers. If you can do that like I've done, you could create some crazy MOCs that are likely to stand out from the crowd and be memorable.


You also need a ton of pieces.


O rly?

I beg to differ.


I always knew that there was a use for Brain Attack Furno's helmet.


Got that MOC up. Don't know how much you'll like it, but it's cheap.


Well in truth, I just carried over the same idea from Snip(green crab) to Anansi(Spider), and that's "Use a HF mask/helmet on a MiniMOC." I built this not long after getting Furno XL, and it just worked out that his head became the abdomen of a spider. stuck_out_tongue

Suggestion: Try making your own style!


For an easy cape, all you need is some felt and some scissors. First, cut a rectangular piece of felt into the shape of a cape (a bit rounded near the top where the neck goes, and then it continues until it is strait). Then you cut out a rectangular hole horizontally so it can fit the neck of your character. Put the cape on the piece connecting to the head, and walla! You got a MOC with a cape!


Y'know, unless you're one of those weird "Purist" people. But then, I myself am one of those. To an extent


I've been known to make custom fabric designs. Best one so far is on my Self-MOC's shoulder.

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Quick one, how do you tighten loose ball-joints? Almost all of the ones on my MOCs are incredibly loose. :/

Use a lighter and heat it up...

No seriously don't do that. I'm not sure there is a way, honestly.

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I recommend using super glue and coat the ball joint socket with a Q-tip

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I think I may have to try that. smiley

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That's what I do with transformers and it works great.

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"Allow the glue to dry, or else become accustomed to your Solek's new pose forever."
-Heir of the Chronicler


Thanks for that important detail @Marendex_T17. I never heard of that method and at first I thought awesomeness was just trolling.

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You are most welcome.
And actually you're supposed to coat the socket part of the joint.

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I just noticed I used the wrong term! xP Thanks for pointing that out.