Tips To Start MOCing

and more but i could not find the pics for it.


... that's called the Bionicle System

Everything is bionicle system. He is asking what are the most useful. I did not list everything so if i answered "BIonicle System" that would've been SUPER vague, I still am since i can't really name them all (cuz there's a lot). I don't know if you read the question but here:


specifically, you're talking about the Inika Build.

... No, no I am not.

I asked about pieces for custom builds. @Awesomenessborn gave me several examples that I see could work. BTW, you're sounding a bit (perhaps unintentionally) confrontational. Mind turning it down a couple notches? :smiley:


Oh, sorry. I just got a bit too embroiled in the discussion


To be simple is to be complex but to try hard on being complex makes a MOC awkward and you may be disappointed. I suggest using the "inika" build or piraka but I would suggest instead of just just calling it good figure out ways to make it original and if you take a look at some of my MOCs you may understand where I am coming from. Also use metru feet on the legs and other pieces like Nuva armor or just Bohrok teeth to make awesome legs and arms.

Here are some examples

Almost all of the, have inika builds and even use 09 thornax launchers for good use, design!

For more ideas visit my mocs I've posted on these forums.


Do you guys have any tips on filling in CCBS armor/socket pieces? (especially for legs)

Technic bits are my best option. You might be better off making a custom limb piece which blocks off the empty spaces, though.


What kind of "Technic bits"?

Whatever you can shove in there.

Such as half-width beams.

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Steve Rogers, has some certain parts I need for a revamp of Magmus.


Actually, I have just the MOC coming up for that!

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Then buy them on Bricklink. stuck_out_tongue


While I'm not very experienced in moccing in general, I thought I'd share a couple pieces of advice that don't seem to be here, as well as see if you guys have any ideas one the subject of weapons.
First off, I've found I do my best work (such as it is) while listening to music. Finding some good music to listen to while you moc can help a lot.
I also find looking at things other than bionicles can help when it comes to inspiration. For example, I just finished making a WH40K chainfist, and there really wasn't a lot of lego-based reference material for that stuck_out_tongue

Speaking of weapons, does anyone have any advice on weapon construction? I've found I'm better with weapons than the mocs themselves as of now, but it's always good to have more ideas!


Jurgen, I have two questions. First, what W40k army do you play? Second, can you provide instructions for the chainfist?

Sadly, I don't play the tabletop, I can't afford to go into college with a huge wargaming debt, and until GW shapes up a little that's how it'd end up stuck_out_tongue
If I DID play, I'd probably play Tau or Guard, my personal combat philosophy is "stand out of the other guys range and blast at 'em before they can do anything about it"
I'll look into it, haven't got a very good camera, but it should be okay.

I use Grey Knights. Also, thanks!

I totally agree with this. I was listening to the Tron Legacy soundtrack last night and suddenly felt like building some System stuff (I haven't really built anything system related in months).

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