Tips To Start MOCing

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ANYWAY, yes, weapons, the thing I'm okay-ish at moccing as of this writing!


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Just curious, what color are those Technic liftarms? Brown? Mata red? Metru red?

Metru red. I don't think they've ever made brown thin 3x liftarms.


I may not be a veteran MOC'er, but I still want to give some advice. From what I have observed on DeviantART, Deviants will usually think outside the box with parts. For instance, I have seen foots used as a part of a body. I've also seen two Mata masks used as a head.

Basically: think outside the box with your parts.


Lovely topic, I must say. Old as it is, I wish to input. Do not listen to those who say human proportions are everything. They. Are. Dead. Set. Wrong. Proportions are very little. Example, if you go for a cartoon-ey style in your MOC, proportions should indicate such- example, knees higher than normal on legs, upper arms shorter than lower arms is what I like to use on some MOCs to exaggerate their features. Furthermore, are you going to make a Slenderman MOC with human proportions? How about Spongebob? Human proportions are often boring. Fine a niche and explore it.
And yet, you'll find your own style in due course.



This topic is solely for advice and discussion and the like.

The other topic, "How-To: BioMoccing Tutorials" is solely for the posting and commenting on tutorials and instructions given by the posters there.

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How do I get out of the habit of using Inika builds exclusively?

Well, MOCing isn't really something impulsive to where you can't stop yourself, in my experience.

What I could recommend is simply experimenting with pieces to make a torso that has all the things your standard Inika one would have, so to speak.

Two shoulder balls, and two leg balls for connection, as well as a ball or socket for the neck. I dunno if this is helpful, but I dunno if I quite understood the question.

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My tips are to never follow rules to mocing if you limit yourself then you limit your creativity too.
My other tip is to play music for me it helps get my mind at ease when building
Another tip I have is talk to other mocers and just chat with them over the years I have made some great friends with mocers and I think talking to one and asking questions is something great for someone to do
My last tip if you want to build it build it nothing is impossible when you making something out of legos.


My advice for if you're new to MoCCing, just start with an Inika Build and add a bunch of stuff onto it.

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Two words, EMM:
My existence

I found that not building any Inikabuilds whatsoever for a year and a half helped. Besides that... If you don't have infinite balljoints, I'd say start with the torso. That's the first custom body part I made, and it helps more than limbs to give you more realistic proportions (if you want that sort of thing coughlikeme cough).

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When I make Inika builds, I try to put the sorter pieces (short socket connecter with Metru/Vahki limbs) for the arms and the longer pieces (long socket connector with Mutran/Inika/Rahksi limbs) for the legs. I've only made one MoC with an exception to this rule, but that was only because I couldn't fit all of my add ons.

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What do you mean by "my existence"? You agreeing or the opposite?

you can get in to details but in general start simple and then just build whatever you think looks good and if you like part of a moc but unsure about the rest keep what you like and change whatever you don't like until you get it the way you like

You don't get my self-references? After all the CC'ing I've done for you?

Pardon me. You're expression was rather vague. I'm unsure if you were saying you agreed, as in, "my existence [to tell people this]", or disagreed, as in, "my existence [to argue this]". I'm thinking the latter, as proportions do seem like EVERYTHING to you as a MOC artist, but I think we disagree on them. You believe Human proportions are in order, from what I gather from your CC'ing (much appreciated, by the way!), but I too believe proportions are everything, but that human proportions are not always the correct ones.

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thats to complex for the people on the boards
You use too many pro mocist terms