Tips To Start MOCing

The strategy I usually use that is pretty easy to pick up for new M.O.C.ers would be to form a skeleton then just bulk it up with abnormal pieces.... by making an Inika build style skeleton you have a lot of options for what you can do with adding in armor. Ex:

Becoming, after (significant) work, this:


Onother one that I'm not sure if it was mentioned here is to keep what you have already done in mind. Find something you haven't done yet and work on a couple builds with that technique of design.

In other words, strive to do what you didn't before.


When it comes to custom torsos, I usually either start from a specific piece or set of pieces that I think I can build a torso around, or from a particular feature I want the MOC to have. For my self-moc, Scorzen, I started with his shoulders since I wanted him to be able to shrug and I had a way to attach the shoulders that would allow him to do so. From there, I constructed the rest of his body, then his arms, and then the legs, which actually were the most troublesome part of the build.

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After being really unsatisfied with how frustrating it is to build Titan-scale stuff with CCBS, I've begun my first try at BioMOCing and I gotta say... this knocks CCBS out of the ball park by far. It's so versatile and fun to build with. Just wanted to say thanks to you guys for giving me inspiration to start doing prototype MOCs!


Quick correction: "Bio-MOCing" usually refers to the theme of the MOC (IE BIONICLE), not the parts/system to make the MOC.

You gonna some some pics soon? I'm especially curious about why you find CCBS unsuitable for large-scale MOCs. To me, it almost seems ideal for bigger stuff.

Like this:

JANG's MOCs, NOT MINE! stuck_out_tongue


All hail the mighty Jang.


I said "Titan-scale" for a reason. I honestly believe that the old Bionicle system was far more effective at construction of complex technic-based titan-scale builds than CCBS is. It takes a lot more effort with CCBS to do SNOT-esque techniques, and it rarely pays off in any of the MOCs I've made. I'd elaborate on this, but it's very off-topic.

I won't be taking any pictures of what I've been building, though. Sorry about that, I'd like to hone my skills a bit more before that.


Titan-building for the old BIONICLE system is far less BIONICLE building and far more TECHNIC building. In fact, most titans should be less BIONICLE or CCBS building and more TECHNIC building. With my experience with BIONICLE titans, most parts in the BIONICLE structural system tend to tie it down to a certain size limit. The only BIONICLE pieces I think are good for titan building are armor pieces and the balljoint "neck" pieces, the rest is TECHNIC, with some CCBS in places.

Also, CCBS can be integrated with TECHNIC quite well. it seems your limitation is the proper pieces to make the transition, such as "necks" and free-standing sockets.


Hoo boy there are so many directions you could go with this. Well, if you're a beginning moccer or a younger moccer I'd recommend just trying to build things with the prefab parts that come with the basic figures. Just snap some ccbs bones together and armor them to get a good feel for the system. See how many things you can build with two or three medium figures. After you've gained some experience, invest in some technic vehicles. Their parts are smaller and allow you to build in tighter intervals, which is why you see veteran moccists use them as structuring elements. Use the larger prefab parts to cover your technic structures and you're golden. smile


I'd like to post a tip, and that is, I see a lot of people saying: "Don't copy other people..." But I disagree, if you have never done a custom torso, or leg, or something, the best and quickest way to learn is to copy everything you see. That way you learn all the techniques that people use so that you can create your own techniques and do something amazing of your own. smile


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@Ghosty No, seriously, what?


Also, you don't have to make things custom all the time. Just making it look complicated will be nice. For instance, the thigh build of Tynne. Just 2 liftarms, a couple axles and various other parts on an inika leg piece, but it looks amazing.


I'm no veteran, but I CAN tell you of a whole new world of possibilites I was introduced to recently, which is basicly the use of limb pieces as armor pieces. It can add nice variation to the look of your MOC, and I highly suggest trying it. Oh, and I also suggest trying to use masks as armor pieces, as I have found that any duplicate masks you may have work nicely as shoulder armor.

Oh, and never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. I recently did so by attempting to make a waist that moves and fits in seamlessly with the upper torso of my MOC. It worked beautifully after numerous different styles. I also recommend taking a look at other Bio-MOC's for ideas, styles, and even inspiration.

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What parts do you mean? 'Cuz using lower limbs will result in a bunch of unsightly open balljoints.

Not unless you cover it with a 3 or 4 long CCBS shell

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Pictures please? I'm having trouble imagining what you're saying.

Hmmm, that's actually pretty darn cool. Proportions are a bit funky, but those CCBS shells make good knee-guards. Good job @Ekorak


Here's a good tip.