Tirynthius. Toa of Plasma.

You don’t often see dark green and orange paired together. But I really like the contrast.

Here’s one where I swapped in green feet. I like the orange better though.

Prizzle dizzle


Very nice, but isn’t plasma white and orange?

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I think it would have better worked with a Metru head, because the eyes seem to be barely visible. But with that out of the way, I love it! The color scheme is very original, and it works great!

Two of my favorite colors!
Why isn’t he the toa of carrots, though?

This is a fantastic moc. I can’t say anything bad about it. I love all of it.

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Depending on where you look, I found that plasma has one primary color (orange) or two (orange and white).

i’m looking at BS01

Toas can be any color, they can just paint their armor

Point conceded.

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Fair enough. In a few other places it says that the secondary color is “usually” white. Let’s just chalk it up to artistic license, eh?

@Toa_Radrix, @meepinater thanks!


I guess. It’s kinda odd it says ‘usually’ though.

I never realized that orange and dark green went along so well! Great Job!

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This looks amazing! I didn’t think that dark green and orange would work so well together, but clearly I was wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pumpkin colors, I’ve actually thought of making a moc with these colors before but never got around to it with a solid idea. Looks awesome though, solid job and cool colors as always.

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Toa of Pumpkins is an awesome idea. If only I had thought of that!

@LegoDavid, @TheCobaltCorsair thanks homies


He looks like a toa of Chile peppers… not complaining though… 9/10

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This looks awesome, the colour combination really works.

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Awesome work!

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Fantastic as always, especially in the colour scheme department. I do have one question though.

Why he thicc?


I love the color choice, you combine them really well. Orange and Green are my two favorite colors, I would say I’m biased but seems everyone else agrees :stuck_out_tongue: great work!

What are the orange like… capacitor pieces on the back of his calves? They stick out on the sides from the front view.

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He’s using HF limbs from the first year.

And little sci-fi ray guns.