Titan Kardymis WIP

I am just starting off with Titan Kardymis. The section in the photos took about 2 hours to build from scratch. Just giant legs and arms to go...

He will probably end up about twice the size of normal Kardymis. Tell me what you think...

The shaping looks really nice...

but those silver nuva moobs :frowning:


Add more silver or find black Nuva shoulders

The silver will be coming in the lower legs and forearms. @TheRed1s They don't stick out as much as nuva moobs would, but I can see what you mean xD.

I mostly just said that to be obnoxious XD

But a bit more silver would make the man-bo0bs less obvious :smiley:

Lookin' good. Can't wait to see the rest!

I don't mind the nuva shoulders but I think they should be a different color, even if there's going to be more silver.

The nuva man-breasts look way out of place,but other than that he looks pretty cool.
And the body looks a bit too long also.

Why does the forum censor bo0bs?

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I love how the armour flows on the MOC


Traumatic childhood experiences... definitely

@Whovian41110 @SpookMeister @Ghosty @JMP @TheRed1s Unfortunately, Titan Kardymis will not be finished.

well dang... :crying_cat_face:


He has potential, but what's with the Nuva armor?