Titan Talk

A topic made for discussing about your favorite oversized and overly complicated BIONICLE sets.


My favourite titan was always Nocturn. There weren't many bionicles with four arms, in fact, I think he may have been the only one set with four arms (apart from Gorast), that wasn't a combiner.

I think the weirdest titan LEGO ever created was Umbra... What even happened there??


I'll tell you. Umbra's designers were roller skaters.


Personal favs

5: Brotaka
4: nidhiki
3: vezon and fenrakk
2: hydraxon
1: Maxilos and spinax
0: Mactootie

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Maxilos' Hau is #2Swag4U

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Is that indicated to me?

I still point to that as the Noble Hau's canon form.

Titans always (last year) have been, and always will be, my preferred sets to buy and scrap for parts.

I have five: Lhikan/Kikanalo, Dume/Nivawk, Sidorak, Umbra, and Icarax.

I rather enjoyed Umbra. I also liked the mighty Tuna.

Never heard of him. How was he?


Tuna was a set released in 07 as a promotional set
not sure why he is calling it a titan
but in other words, for the unaware
tuna is squid function

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Yep, Tuna is best titan

(also, you use Brickimedia instead of Wikia, +50 life points)

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life points?
Sounds pretty dandy


Heck no. They were always simple, aside from the 01 Rahi.

My personal favorite set is is definitely not Makuta. He was fat. Rather, my favorite goes to.....braces for the hatestorm.....Mutran and Vican.

Which is funny because I don't even have him.

Just most of Vican.

The mask is neat though.


The glorious jaws of Gadunka shall never be triumphed! Huzzah!

All jokes aside, Gadunka's still a very good titan set, and he's both got an interesting, new build, and he was very fun to put together. I believe I have owned every titan from 2006 and up (Excluding vehicles because I'm not sure if those count) and my absolute favorites, both to build and just looking cool, were Gadunka, Vezon and Kardas, and Takutanuva.

I love titan sets, they just were so much fun to build and have. I've always wanted to be able to just make up sets like those, which is what really made me want to MOC. I look forward to getting the 2004-2005 titans in my next Ebay shipment. =D


Two words

Joker Piraka

Nah JK

Other then that, Vezon was just a character included with his titan pets. I guess out of the two forms of his pet, I guess Kardas Dragon... It was big

Cops out


Overly complicated Bionicle sets? What?


Thank you!


Ohhhh Tuma

If you counted the vehicles as titans then I would love the Skopio XV1 and the Axalara T9