Titus The Destroyer V1 (Self-moc)

First official moc I have posted here (not stolen)

Here’s how the torso is built!

I don’t really have much of a backstory for him so that’s it! C&C would be highly appreciated and also apologies for the lighting


Looks pretty cool. By the way we don’t usually say its not stolen


######about time

It’s pretty simple but the armor and add-ons make it have a bulky look which I do like

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Yup. I kinda asked it off of a high tech knight type of thing

How did you get the spiked half-balls on his shoulders?


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That took a while.

It’s pretty simple, but it’s CCBS so I can understand why. I quite like the look of the MOC, even though it’s very simple. My only nitpick would be the legs. They don’t look as armored as the rest of the MOC.

That’s all I have to say about this MOC.

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Thank you! I’m still working on the legs. Stay tuned for V2 though!

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