TMM's Life size Kakama (WIP)

Hey guys, here is my life size kakama. I was going to make a step by step tutorial, but I forgot to take pics along the way. >.<. (lol)


very nice. I sorta wish you could add the details from the mask onto it. It’s still a WIP(Work in progress) right?

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Well… I mean I’m not sure Hau (lol). I added the clay and adding more seems hard to do, but hey its unique.


do you have any tools to smooth it out and stuff? Or would that backfire on you?


Haha, I mod podged it so… It hardened this morning, granted I wanted to finish fast for some reason. And like the saying “if theres a will theres a way.” or what ever.

edited title- definitely Legomaster


well, it looks like a fusion of the G1 and G2 kakama.
that forehead vent is HUGE.

it appears to be made of nutella.


Lul, Its just clay mod podged reinforced by paper…thats mod podged.

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and you never bothered smoothing out the clay?


Its a work in progress not really complete.

Nice pun. It instantly made me laugh. You got to love the name of Tahu’s kanohi.

By the way, the kakama looks pretty good so far.

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How is improving something unethical…?


Looks good. What’s it made of?

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Clay, modpodge, and paper. Its very sturdy because of said modpodge.

I finished it this morning, by what I said it was written that way because I modpodged the clay. But to my discovery, I was able to fix it up. :smile: (I’ll delete that part.)

Wooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh… Magnificcooo * ahem * Good, sir, good. I love it :smile_cat:

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Very nice! just smooth it out…

and make an iden

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It hardened already… :smile:

haha, too much work. Also I can’t because theres no template too.

Ah dang it! I wanted to see you with a Iden!..

I guess I can draw one for you…

:sob: Me too, guess I have to stick with my second favorite mask.


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Yeap. I love the gresh mask…but the 08 miru’s are good too.

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thats really cool

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