Toa Ability Changes

So, with all the new information at NYCC today, some interesting little pieces of info were let out, some concerning the Toa’s abilities. The ones that stand out the most concern the masks. First of all, the bios on the Bionicle website briefly describe their elemental abilities, but no mention of their mask powers. At least not the classic ones from the original series. (If you’re unaware, it is a reboot.) While you may not think much of this, something else is stated in the teaser video, our first bit of story. It says that a “law” forbade Makuta or his brother from making a mask with more than one “elemental power.” Elemental power? Does this mean that the masks will no longer have unique powers, but will rather be the source of the Toa’s elemental abilities? Let me know what you think!


I do believe that each mask only possesses the power of 1 element.

And, the mask that Makuta was trying to make was a mask that can control all elements.


I agree with Kretta.


I actually don’t mind this. I think limiting it to one power is also better for the characters, and so powers don’t get confusing.


“One Ring to rule them all.”
Lol, but in all seriousness, I would prefer that they keep mask powers, and not intertwine them with the elements. It sort of takes away from the whole concept of the original series, and it would be strange to have “Matoran” and Toa having different masks, but they all have the same power.


Hmm… it has been confirmed that no one can control a mask with all the elemental powers. In the Mataverse, the golden kanohi controlled all six abilities. Then what is the significance of the new golden kanohi?


I have two theories on this.

1 . The toa only have limited control over their elements (or no control at all). They require the golden masks to gain full control over their elements. (this sort of goes against the “masters” moniker)

2 . Masks are not limited to having elemental powers. Ex. Mask of creation and mask of control. I do not believe that these are considered elements in the Okotoverse. This means that the masters’ golden masks will most likely give them another power ('01 kanohi powers)

If it’s not one of those, than i have no idea.

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That’s actually a really good point (the second one). The masks of Control and Creation, as well as this mask of “ultimate power,” obviously control more than just an element. This could probably apply to the Toas’ masks as well. I completely forgot about those two.

Actually, it looks like the mask of ultimate power controls the six elements, so still an Elemental mask. But yeah.


I like the idea that the Toa get their elemental powers from their masks. This might allows them to have “Toa-Level” power over their element with the regular mask, and “Nuva-level” power when they get the golden masks. Also, if their elemental powers come from the mask, then the Toa could at some future point loose their elemental powers. (Just like how the Toa Nuva lost their powers in 2003.)

Also, with the elemental powers coming from their masks, the Toa might have other personal powers that would be unique to each of them. Example: Gali can breath underwater without the need of a mask.

@ToaOrrel Also, the golden mask might allow the Toa to use “Adrenaline Mode” for as long as they like, instead of in short bursts.

Ok you said one ring to rule them all, so I have to say this
One Mask to rule them all
One Mask to find them
One Mask to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them

Now more onto topic, I think that since the masks control an element then they can probably use their old mask powers, like Tahu can use a “flame shield” plus since they are to be master of their elements, imagine when Tahu masters his mask power, he could control an ocean of lava, that could be cool

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Well, isn’t the Mask of Ultimate Power like the One Ring anyway?

The thing I got from the sets is that the regular masks are powerless and the golden versions are the ones with (elemental) powers. I only say this because the gold masks need some significance and it wouldn’t make sense for them to contain more than one power anymore.

That or we’ll go all Dragon Ball Z and the gold masks represent them going Super Toa. (burning flames of justice not present in actual set)

Not sure which theory I prefer.


I assume that they have some small amount of elemental power in them already, but they have limited control over it. the golden masks make them actual masters of their element, giving them full control.