Toa Araun and Vulpi


Araun, Master of Ice, journeys with Vupli, the ancient Spirit of Ice to seek a mysterious hidden relic! Armed with Araun’s Permafrost Staff and Vupli’s Ice Blaster, this icy pair can win any fight!

This is a 2016-esque revamp and 4th version of my self-MOC, Araun. While Araun does have an animal companion in the form of Vupli, the two do not "unite" like this year's Toa do with the elemental creatures. Araun uses my TW2 gearbox design, a torso shell from a "Fusion Warriors" set, a chestplate from an XSZ Iron Man figure, and a custom painted Mask of Fire.

Araun - Front

Araun - Back

Araun - Front, unarmed

Araun - Torso build

Vulpi - Front 4/5

Vupli - Back 3/4

Vulpi - Head build

Vulpi - Torso build

Vulpi - Blaster build


cute puppy

Also the toa's fantastic

That creature is what Melum should have been and more!!!! How the white mask of fire.
Grand colour scheme. Nice buffed up build. Weapon looks nice but underwhelming. Textures are cohesive and balanced whilst the armour is cool and well done. Good job

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looks at previous version
looks at this version

It's your selfMOC as a Uniter. Looks the part.

My main gripe with this what seems to be a checkerboard pattern of armor placement. I would probably like it better if it was just black armor over white armor or (better for the concept of a Toa of Ice) white armor over black armor.

oh wow, I really like this
nice job

man, I really like these, love the white Hau, reminds me we need more mask recolors

I really really like this, the armor an general aspect of it i real nice and smooth
Save for the red peices, but whatever, shweet Kronkiwongi.


Araun is gorgeous.

Cool, but maybe try to make them unitable.

I love them both! Araun looks pretty awesome, although the red pins and axles annoy me, and also his knees look too thin compared to the massive armored rest of him!

That staff is slick as ice.

The dog is adorable, but again...the red....and also maybe Protector feet would work better there than the hands.

But they look amazing!

This guy looks like he's about to smash through a brick wall.
I think it's great.

How do you come up with these cute 'lil things.
Another success...

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These two are great! Just love how cohesive and aesthetically consistent they are.

Also, nice bootlegs. :wink:

Thanks! Vulpi was fun to build, as I don't often build non-humanoid figures. Trying to emulate the shape of a fox at such a small scale was tricky, but I kinda got there in the end.

All great comments! Thank you!

Huh, didn't notice the chessboard aesthetic when I was building him. Thanks for the critique.


We do, we really do.

Those red pins on Araun's back are there for a reason... :wink:


I tried. I really did. And no matter what I did, it looked really bloody stupid.

Thanks for the comments! Again, the red pins on Araun's back are there for good reason, which will soon be made more clear. And as for Vulpi's feet, I tried the smaller beast feet, and they just looked way too big and clumsy. He looked like a chibi puppy.

I'm glad you think so :sunglasses: And I can't really say! Trial and error, more than anything.

( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I really like them.
Maybe I'll have to try and make my own thing like that...

9.9/10 very thick thighs

ayy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Can I copy the torso build for Vulpi? I'll give full credit. :smile:

As long as credit is given, I don't see why not! I look forward to seeing what you'll come up with :smile:

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Okay, note taken :smile:

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Araun is great! Good piece choice!

Especially love Vulpi.

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