Toa Arker (Self-MOC)

This is Arker, Toa of Magnetism and the Protagonist of my storyline. He is also my Self-MOC. This is currently version 11 or something. People like him I guess.


Interesting lower leg design; layering a limb piece on a limb. That said, the lower body in general could use some blue or silver


Interesting choices. Wish there was more blue at the legs. Cool mask and armor, first time seeing a blue Kakama Nuva

Looks like two different moc’s were put together, the top half of one and the bottom half of another. The legs don’t really mesh well with the upper half of the moc. I really like the top half of the moc, it’s really smooth and looks well made. I think if you continued using CCBS or just using the upper half’s color scheme for the legs would make the moc look better.

If you have like a story reason that the moc’s legs look the way they do, then I apologize.

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i think its good.
well, at least better then this :point_down:

(my self-moc)


I like how the legs don’t have any blue or silver on them, makes him look like he’s wearing pants.


Introducing BioPants! Now you can get away with your MOCs having different colored legs!

Starting at $99.99.


You mean to say those haven’t always been a thing?

i really like that mask in blue, the colors are great, and i like seeing old and new pieces incorporated into a moc


This is really good looking, I like how all the colours are layed out. The torso looks pretty great too. :smile:

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I really like this! other then the legs, but yah know.

This looks very cool!

“Foolish fool! His mask is not the source of his power! His power comes from… his leather pants!


This is very true.


I like this! I think the colors look okay, but maybe like one or two accent blue pieces on his legs would be cool.

I like the blue Kakama Nuva, very original.

I’m not sure how I feel about the lower legs, the open ball joints don’t look very appealing, but the shape works fine.

Pretty good!

I like the blue Kakama.

im really liking how you did those legs and nice blue kakama

The MOC looks great, the only thing I don’t really like being the Kakama Nuva.

Nice MOC.

There are two types of “good” MOCs in my opinion, crazy custom MOCs that are innovative and risky, and simple MOCs that simply look solid, like an official set. This is the latter, and a very good MOC. The build is INCREDIBLY solid. There’s enough custom in the chestpiece for me to feel satisfied, and the leg design looks boss (then again, I just like MOCs with the “baggy pants” look). The gears and tubes in the chest design help fill out the shoulders, and honestly, there isn’t much I don’t like about it. Even the color distribution is amazing, the silver and blue on top with black on the bottom is great looking, and the minor yellow-green for his heartlight and eyes is a great touch. It’s also just nice to see a Toa of Magnetism, and someone who can mix Technic and CCBS well (plus that blue Kakama Nuva, oh boi).

Overall, I can’t think of any nitpicks, this MOC is fabulous. I wish I was this good at making Toa-sized MOCs.

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