Toa Bellum Toa of war. New upgrads +comic

Note: Toro fell the other day and have to try and find the other parts. That’s why I hadn’t added it yet. Helryx had hand pick their New member and lead them to believe they were replacing their Toa of lighting with a new one. Toro was absolutely furious about this and right when they just came back Helryx started to introduce their new team member. But when the figure out of the shadows he realized it was not of lightning at all. It was toro’s mentor Bellum the Toa of war. Bellum is an elemental Toa of Fire lighting air and destruction. His blades can channel and absorb elemental energy from any other surrounding Toa or being making him unstoppable. He also wears a Kanohi knowen as The mask of Sparta. Toro Bellum and lucendi were signs protect the Toa Temple from five rouge makuta that had discovered This temple was powered by a massive NUI stone that created the first Toa. The Toa failed to protect the crystal but the makuta started chipping and packing at the Crystal. Crystal senses damage and started to implode killing the Makuta but leaving the 3 Toa with NUI stone embedded in their armor. But lucendi disappeared entirely and they never saw him again. When they return to the order Helryx was skeptical at first but they seem to be unaffected by the corrupted power of the NUI stone. Bellum like one other Makuta has touched the mask of Life before him and became curse with immortality therefore no one could ever kill him making the brotherhood of makuta and the dark hunters fear him more than Helryx. Bellum is the only One of his kind. Created by the Great being undeath that now inhabits Lucendi body. First two pictures are promoting an Etsy seller and he is amazing with these masks I highly suggest giving them a try.

PS MOC was inspired by God of War.

Vita is the only Makuta who does not work with his own kind or anyone. He’s usually a solo person but he did become friends with Bellum as his team had gone insane with power and started killing matoren in the masses.


Firstly, that torso design is sick, and the mata foot arm technique give’s a great strong, dangerous look. But something about the proportions here just aren’t quite right looking to me, maybe it’s just the picture angles. I just feel like the upper ams are a little short, and the legs are a little too short as well, and could just maybe use some more beef to match that monstrous torso. You could maybe consider adding some sort of knee joint like the one used on Garstang, it would add some length, as well as offer some nice added poseability. Overall really great job though.


your absolute best, i am thoroughly impresst


Okay I’ll see about making the leg’s and arms more proportional. I’m not sure what you mean by her though. Also those legs are quite impressive I’ll try it out. Although I do like what I did with these legs. The leg’s do have a 90° bend in the knee.


oh wow this looks really cool!


Meant to say “here” not “her.”


Oh okay :+1:


Quite the beefy fella


Pretty good, the shadow traps on the shoulders could be put a bit lower, but otherwise it looks fairly good.


Toro’s mask broke so right now I’m working on trying to fuse the broken mask back together :cry:


I had to upgrade his back so where his weapons are stored doesn’t pop off anymore, thanks to Legos new macaroni parts. I also replace the battery so the LED works a lot better now.

Summoning ice axe

Elemental attack

New comic of bellum and Odium training session. And talk about the worst time for your chainsaw to stop working.

Bellum goes to show if he where a real enemy, he would have just lost his left eye.

Hope you all enjoy :grin::+1: