Toa Biolight Holy Knight of Lightning ( My self Moc)

So I did some thinking and touching up on Biolight and decided to use the Gen 1 colors for Lightning or Electricity which ever has more of a pow in the name and I got to say I like the blue and white on him. And so I went with a more Midevil style on his weapons a Lightning Mace and great shield. And the story is still the same he was a Holy knight for the order of Mata Nui

Also the shield can rotate and here’s a better look of the front


Biolight has a pretty vibrant color scheme and decent build.
Can’t think of any con beside a “thin” connection-



The elbows and ankles are a bit thin, the color distribution could use a little work, and the upper arms are kind of awkward, the mace is really awkward looking, and I think a white mask would look better.
But it’s a decent looking moc.