Toa Boltax

hey this is one of the first time using the CCBS armour. after making it it looked like something that Lego would have on a shelf in stores. This self Moc is my profile picture so enjoy.


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I'm not trying to bash here but these colors really don't fit a Toa of Lightning. However use a scientist's name and Matoranize it. i.e. Nikola Tesla --> Teslar
(you can't use that it's my Toa of Lightning's name)

Cool MOC! How does something along the lines of Boltax sound?

Um well
It's not colored like a toa of lightning
the torso is good
but other than the torso there's just technic everywhere

Vorkiki. Just kidding, that's already a taken name...kind of. He looks interesting, but I would choose between yellow or green as his secondary color instead of both, and also make his arms shorter. Otherwise, he's pretty alright!

How about Litan cause it is lightning plus Titan! If you use the name give me some credit please 😸

I'm a little colour blind so I can't tell the difference in those two colours. :sweat_smile:

I got to admit this is great.
But what's with the blue spear? It looks out of place.

its the only spear peace I have and it is supposed to be a poison spear. :smile: