Toa Calvaria, dark Toa of Psionic upgraded head break down pic's

@Gigamesh this head design is inspired by your toa of plant life’s misshapened olmak. Calvaria is Latin for skull. She is Bellum’s only other surviving teammate. The great beings pacifically built his team to harness not only one but multiple e
elements/other abilities. She has all the power of a Toa of Psionic but her Powers are corrupted and she has a natural element of speed added to her abilities. Also some of her powersabilities are inspired by God of War Hermes. Her upper arm/wing design folds into a certain way allowing her the abilities to fly, and her crystal gives her a mirage look as she is phasing through reality. She only escaped Bellum’s wrath by making him think she was dead and using her mask to escape into another dimension.

She works with The dark hunters as the shadow one’s ultimate dark huntress agent.

I am unsure of what I want to do with her main weapon for right now but I decided to go with a scythe for her.

Here’s some close-ups so you you can see more of her details. I am planning on removing most of the black in her face so I can place more keetorange in the future. Reason why she’s in this color scheme is because I wanted her to have a corruption going throughout her body and thought that keetorange and black would be make great alternate color scheme for her.

Here’s some breakdown pictures of the head so you can get an idea of how’s it’s built. Yes there is several different versions of this head design because I have been revamping the design into something really different.

Here’s up close on the head.

And this is what she looks like when she is going to take off and fly.

Here’s the full 360° I also took apart the scythe as I plan on using the head of blade on another moc.

I’ve been working on her a bit more so the overall colors feel better. I also plan on getting newer parts to upgrade her head again so it has more keetorange in it alongside the use of newer parts. Lore: Calvaria was a usually easygoing and friendly Toa at the beginning and her team where the best of friends for a very long time. But she secretly desired more power and knowing how Snoopy her team would get if she was gone for a long period of time especially the team leader Bellum. She started using her powers on each and every one of her teammates to convince them that she was still there, the only one I didn’t work on though that she thought it did was bellam no thanks to his mask of telepathy. Bellum couldn’t see through her mind games for. She started meeting with unknown beings in secret that ended up leading her to meeting the shadow one himself. He was very thrilled to have a Toa of Psionic in his presence as she was the first one he ever meet. He was tracking down the shipments of known elemental crystals that amplifies the power within a Toa of Psionics. The shadowed one had her and 3 vortixx go on the mission and tried to kill her but unknowingly to her knowledge the shadowed one sent shadow to watch her as he knew that he had some traders in his ranks and wanted to make sure they didn’t try to do anything. through several trials and missions, she unknowingly pass through them as he wanted her to be apart of his inner circle. He needed her amplified abilities to retrieve a much more powerful item locked behind a certain gate that only a power being of Psionics can open. Off He also grew to like her her. Also note: she didn’t always have those two huge arms with crystal blades jetting out of them. The shadowed one mutated her with the crystals when she got them from her first mission. Bellum started finding out of these meetings and confronted her about them.she tried to lie, but it wasn’t working. Bellum called the other members of his team. But he didn’t know that she had turned everyone off Bellum’s team members against him. They laid waste to multiple cities and small islands filled with matoren.

These are close-up images of the newly added socket connectors that have recently came out. They work Great friction-wise and help with more full range of possibility.

I also added more keetorange to the back of her head to help color wise as well.

Added these new black armor plates onto her weapon like arms.

Here’s what I meant about more posability wise.




Oh thats great! im glad it works out so nice irl


The colors are fantastic! I really like the idea that they’re the faded/corrupted versions of the regular Psionics palette. And the trans-pink pieces really pop.

The head is so good it’s almost unreal. =P


@MooCowsRock highly suggest giving it a try.


@Gigamesh I’m probably going to use this head design again in a different build because I like it so much.


I love the ninjago crystallized blades, very evocative of psionics.


I try to use every Lego piece possible.


What do you think of her theme music?


Ooh this one is cool! Those trans-dark pink blades look great


I just upgraded the color scheme of her armor more and I have to say it looks way better now with more of the keetorange on her arms and legs. I also added more keetorange on the back of her head too.


I upgraded the head again because I wanted to fill out certain parts on the top and make it so the upper shell on top doesn’t pop off anymore. I found two more of lewa’s 2015 armor shells in the tube and put them on here big robotic crystal arms.

It may not look like I did anything to her body but I gave her more of a hollow inside for more possible and she now has The ability to bend a little in the front now. 360° kick out pose.

You can see it more on this picture.

Hope you all enjoy :grin::+1: @Gigamesh I will post the breakdown of the head later today.


PS yes I upgraded the head a bit more before I posted it so you guys would have the current modelso the main thing I wanted to do was get rid of the debit in between the eyes and the front of the head that the old design had and because of it being a deformed Olmak I wanted to give the head blades on the bottom of the chin like the regular Olmak does but make the so they don’t stick out to much.

By reversing the armor shell on the top of the head, I found out there is a new connection point that allows more room to add more details.

I used a lightsaber rod and this other piece to connects the entire thing.

I used these claw pieces to give that blade look.

Once you have all this take the shell part and pop it on like so.

Also looking at this I just realized it would be really funny way of creating a zombie character with exposed brains.

I hope you all enjoy :grin::+1: @Gigamesh I hope you find this useful.