Toa Code

Soooo toa killing things dishonors them and they are viewed as Toa, but seeing as toa are just second stage Matoran, could a matoran still kill? I mean sone served in the league of six kingdoms armies. Unless they just beat each other unconscious


Think of becoming a toa the same as growing up. It’s like why you used to smear mashed potatoes against the wall, but don’t anymore.


Matoran are basically humans. Except Av-matoran. They’re powerless. Toa, however, ve a lot of power, hence the need for rules. Plus the rule is there so that Matoran trust them

I’d imagine that killing is against “matoran code” too, just as it is in our world. Just broken more often.

For a Matoran, though, they can kill in self-defense. Mazeka did, for example, and he was hailed as a hero. This is because they don’t have superpowers, so they aren’t expected to keep those powers in check.


The matoran probably have laws, I assume. Also, not all of toa are second stage matoran (the mata)

I always saw the Toa as the appointed guardians and leading examples to the Matoran, which combined with their greater power bound them to a stricter code of conduct, regardless of whether they were made from Matoran or not. Kind if like how people behave themselves in front of children 'cause you don’t want to set a bad example for them.