Toa Corion: Toa of Fire and Ash

hay Ven would you reviwe my moc i want to know what is your opinion is on it and if you can do a video on my moc for your chanel OwO
he is a toa of fire and ash
name toa Corion


I really hate to break it to you, but I rarely have ever seen asking for a MOC to be Spotlighted actually work. In general, it seems to often be only extremely popular MOCs or those from people wayyy back in the community that get a Spotlight. That said, it’s not a bad MOC, but I think the random extra colors such as yellow and white should be removed.


thanks for the reply i just wanted to know if he can im new to the message board and just wanted the opinion on it
oh the yellow on him is his heart stone like in the movies some of my moc have that
but thanks for your opinion
so the mocs that get videos have to be like by alot of user thanks for telling me that

It’s not a rule at all, please don’t misrunderstand it. I’m just saying that’s what I usually end up seeing from the past. Not a rule, just a bit of a trend. Don’t let this get you down, though. Even without a Spotlight, this is a pretty good MOC all things considered, especially given that most issues are just in random colors.


Pretty cool MOC, but, like Joe said, he only reviews popular MOCs from popular MOCists nowadays.


It’s a sad truth that we sorta just need to live with at this point.


thanks you guy

One does not simply ask for a MOC Spotlight.


Fixed title and category. - Accursed Undead

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oh we’ll see about that

i’ll get back to you soon, @Zalgo79


Honestly, my main issue is how low the arms are. They need to be about the same place as the shoulderpads, they look very strange right now.

Good stuff though! I look forward to more!

Yeah this is actually really good, man

Ya know, if you think about it, there hasn’t really been a whole lot of Toa mocs lately.

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He’s pretty nice and complex, the feet feel a bit big and the torso feels a bit odd but otherwise its really good.

Thats cause I haven’t posted anything recently


Only real issue with it is how low the arms are in comparison to the shoulder pads.
I really like the rest of the MOC overall though, and it has a nice weapon too.

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The feet seem a bit big compared with the rest of the MOC.

the blue pin the white on the weapon and the light grey are out of place
and the body is atbit too clunky

It looks like it has two pairs of shoulders. Everything else is fairly interesting.

Besides the shoulders (which look off for my case), This a great looking MOC. Good design, and that battle axe just looks great.

those huge armor parts on the feet are,well,huge, and look really weird IMO
otherwise this is a pretty neat MOC,thought i agree with @AdamusTheFirst on the shoulders/arms