Toa Defilak

After being mutated by the waters of the pit, seven new Toa were selected. Defilak, is the new Toa of air, he carries an Air launcher in one hand, and a long sword in the other. He can breath underwater, and has fins built into his feet to help him swim, he wears the mask of quick travel.

So this is my first Custom Toa torso, let me know any ideas on improvements and what you think over all.


This is a great first custom torso :ok_hand:

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Thanks the shoulders are not stable at all, and tend to moved up and down a little... something I am working on.

The torso is really good, though he feels a little bare-bones. He could benefit from some more armor.

Thanks, I kind of went with less due to him being underwater and all, burn i will see what's i can do.

Nice character, torsos a bit similar to one of mine.

Cool, I was working on a matoran torso, but it needed up like this..

Nice either way! Ive never been able to make a proper matoran torso myself, they always end up as toa and such. XD

I used a foot as the back, and that ended up look pretty cool

Nice ! Mine was built around one of the toa inika chest armour pieces and has a herofactory 2.0 shield/gun thing as the back.

Yeah, I heart you.

Thanks! Also cant tell if thats a typo or not, either way XD

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It was, I meant to say hear

Either way it worked! You still "hearted" me. XD
(Cant tell if that'd be a "shapely" pun or no)

The MOC is a little basic, but it's still pretty solid. Not bad, not bad at all. Basic-looking builds can be refreshing at times.

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Thanks, I prefer to start basic and then build on it.

This is a really good custom torso especially for a first

Thanks, Amy idea on how to strengthen the shoulder? They tend to wobble up and down.

Yeah no problem can I see it without armor so I can get a good idea

Sure, give me a sec

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