Toa Deklin

A toa of fire who built some kind of powersuit that allows him to control ice

He does stuff alongside Ghosty

More pics:



  • Color Scheme is mostly consistent
  • Like the torso build
  • Arm Build looks Sweet cake
  • Looks Pretty Stinkin' Cool sunglasses
  • Back of legs are a bit too open
  • Feet are bland (But that is more of a nitpick)
  • The red balls break the color scheme slightly
  • The neck is pretty long
  • [looks at back] Poor Pyrox
  • There is not enough distribution of Metru Red in the Model
  • The areas where the pins stick out slightly give it a slightly unfinished look

I would give this model a 7/10.
I like it. The MOC looks cool and has a pretty nice build, but it does have its faults.

Good Job! grinning

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@PluralLego Thanks!

Hey don't cheat >:L
make it 7.1/10

I will go with a 7.000000000000000000001 at best. OK? :wink:

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Dang it.


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Because controlling fire is overrated

The Moc is really nice, though his upper arms kinda throw me off.

i'd ague that since it's more of a suit than armor, having just a few bits of him exposed is to be expected.


Also tanks


I could see that, but even then, wouldn't you want to have some sort of indication that you are a Toa of Fire?

Good moc but I don't like the way the tahu mistika mask sticks out.

He does; his mask, his back, that long system plate on his chest, the slizer foot, and even those red balls!

He obviously uses his ice powers more because of his suit,and being of a specific color doesn't really change much

Also thanks,@Sciencegiraffe

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I like the whole idea of Deklin being inside of a suit and all, but color distribution has always been a big part of a MOC for me. :wink: You don't need to change the MOC at all, but the colors just throw me off a bit.

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We all have our tastes,i guess?


That we do. Don't get me wrong, Your MOC is still great. (Anything above a five is good to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Thank you once again c:

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Not gonna lie, one of your better MOCs. It's a step up.

On the other hand the red balljoints are still eyesearing and the color scheme is far from consistent.

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Apart from the long neck, I really like this MOC blush


Nice MOC. Solid custom build, pleasing proportions, and cool use of unconventional pieces set this one apart from the common board fodder.

Red Baljoints/10

He's nice! I'll call him Kahi da Kriminal.