Toa Derick



The insides of the moc

Weapon storage for the back

This is my self moc and yes he has a 3d printed mask know as the Kanohi Savitar
and he is very good at posing

7 years old next month


The Savitar is awesome. Great job on the MOC!


Do we get a Toa Derek Savagw?

Awesome MOC btw.

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Tha neon green is used well. Also, that’s one snazzy mask.

It might just be me, but the neck feels a little long and thin in some of the pictures. Everything else is great though!

the long neck is pretty much a running joke/ my trademark =U

Must be a pretty old moc. Good. I can see the improvement

Love it!

Very well built. The custom mask flows really naturally with the rest of the MOC.