Toa Duras 2.0: Lord Duras

This is an advanced version of my favorite Toa Mokuta Member “The Eternal Knight, Toa Duras”
I tried to use a custom torso, but after much trial and error i decided that I need more pieces for usable custom torsos not based on a ccbs limb. So this Moc features the Uniter Torso with customarm Sockets, schoulder joints and custon Upper arms ( Which look a bit awkard imo )
But without further ado; here he is!

Front view with his new shield

Close up of the armored arm

His skeleton without the armor

His Prior Form

Edit: If you want a better look at his improved sword let me know, ill take some more pics of it!
Edit2: Possibly a picture that will settle the problem of the shield blocking pretty much everything ( also, i think the pose looks kinda awkard. Gonna retake this one for sure )


This looks interesting, but i’d like to see a picture without the shield blocking the view.

Nice, Toa of silver.

I like it, but I can’t really see the armored version of the torso.

I don’t know why, but the shield is my favorite part of the MOC… Also, what are the horns made out of?

Those hook like pieces on Lewa 2008’s shoulders

Winterstorm nailed it

Oh, the Matoro claws?

Exactly like that

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The horns ? don’t quite work.