Toa fanaki revamp

It seems after fanaki cut off the hand of the shadowed one, the research team at the resistance made it into fancy new armour reflecting a bit more of the ice inside of our favourite hero of contrast.

This armour fanaki approved a lot more than his armour before, not only is it stronger but it shows more of his true element, ice even though he’s the master of contrast.

Hope you liked it, and see you later


I like it a lot more than the previous version, the color scheme is much more consistent and the weapons word well here. He still feels like a Toa Good Guy though, I suggest you give him a mask.


I’d recommend using brighter red; the dark red clashes a bit too much with the white.

But asides from that, this is one of the better Inika build MOCs that I’ve seen.

Still basic but he looks much better now. Even if g1 is molded better the small additions keep him from looking simple on his own. My one complaint though; add a mask. Very few humanoid Mocs can really look good without a mask.

You should try to make a custom torso for him. The moc is cool though

Reminds me of my older MOCs, wipes tear of pride keep it up

He’s Fanaktastic

Not too sure about that backstory tho