Toa Fight Styles [Pitch][Characters]

I’ve had some ideas concerning how the Toa would fight, that I’ve been wanting to share for a while now, but I have some trouble putting them eloquently into words. So, to help me describe my ideas, I sketched some quick stick-figures.

I know I’m not the first person to do this here, but it’s something I’m really interested in, so I thought that I might as well put this out there anyway.

First, the “Toa of Wisdom.”

Lewa: Usually I want to include at least an attack, a dodge, and a ready stance, but for the G3 Lewa in my head-canon, I can’t imagine her taking physical attacks very seriously. I imagine her fighting style would consist mainly of dodges which are simultaneously expert and carefree.

Gali: Everything I've heard seems pretty settled in favor of Gali having hooks, not unlike her G1 counterpart. Inspired by the MNOG Tarakava fight, I think Gali should fight like a boxer, relying on dodges and quick jabs rather than "fencing" her opponent. This would only make sense considering her weapons have relatively short range and are not great for parrying.

(I'm not too fond of how this one turned out, I'm relying a bit more on the verbal description here)

Kopaka: I think Kopaka's style would be very much inspired by rapier fencing; reserved, anylitical, and thrust centric (without forbidding cuts). I imagine he'd need to dodge the least out of all the Toa.

(I didn't realize until after I'd drawn it that I accidentally made Kopaka left-handed)

I also have some quite extensive ideas on how Kopaka could move. I imagine that he could slide around on ice, or stop himself on a dime by freezing his feet to the ground. This would allow him to "skate" around the battlefield, not perhaps not much faster than the other Toa, but accelerating and decelerating near-instantly.

I also really like the concept Kahi once mentioned of Kopaka being able to use icicles to extend his range.


Wow those are some realky nice drawings, dont really like gali's fighting style tho, she could use her hooks more

Pretty interesting, I believe the fighting styles fit their personalities well.
I´m expecting to see the rest now. Onua should be paused and assertive, Tahu should be relying on blocks and slashes, similar to Kopaka but with a more vibrant twist.
Pohatu should be relying on melee, that and/or boomerangs...? Whatever, he should be quick.

Looks really nice and good ideas.

Thanks. I agree with you about Tahu, I imagine that he would use sweeping blocks and beat-parries which rely on knocking an opponent's weapon aside, more than deflecting it, like Kopaka.

As for the other Toa, I agree, but honestly have no idea how that would be applied. :sweat_smile:

Thanks! :relaxed:

Thanks, but I'm not really sure what you mean. She's already fighting with her hooks.

Do you mean that she should be trying to "hook" her weapons around an opponent?

Yeah, kinda like optimus prime in rotf

All intersting and good.

But I don't see them using their elemental powers as much in the beginning( year one at least)

I see Kopaka using his sheild in Captain america kind of way later in as he in my canon is the most skilled of the Toa in combat at least.

I agree on Lewas fighthing style.
The Dark Soul levels of dodging it would involve.

Gali is a bit strange we are not sure what weapons she is gonna go with.

Tahu should go with an Agressive and more devastaing attacks than Kopaka that should be somewhat defensive.

Onua I see using his brute strength wisely...
Also using the envoriment around him.

Well, I made some sketches myself! I apologise for the terrible quality, but take a look!

This is for Tahu and Onua. I made a separate drawing for the two Pohatu styles. Now, let me explain:

Thau would work like you described, and would ocasionally drop a kick or two in the midst of a parry. Onua would maybe use a hammer...? Or maybe summon roots from the ground to attack.

This is Pohatu.
Style nº1: The boot things from gen 1. Roadrunner-ish, completely body-melee.
Style nº 2: Boomerangs. Basically using them kinda like in gen 2 but with some extra strategy (like a distraction, for example). Not quite as roadrunner-ish, yet also body-melee from time to time, with a slightly more serious approach.

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Good stuff! I agree with pretty much all of this, lemme throw in my two cents for the others.

Pohatu would probably be really elemental focused, using rocks to hit his opponents, and kicking up sand into their eyes . The actual weapon he uses is up in the air though, But I like the idea of the mace-staff like his uniter form, so maybe he could use that to finish off opponents with the blade if smashing stuff does not work.

I'd imagine Onua would be slow, thoughtful and steady, but each strike of his hammer (if he uses that) propelled with enough strength to crack the ground. Resorting to brute strength as a weapon, though not letting that come before his brilliant mind.

So pretty much just break stuff with good reasons.

Tahu would be rushing into the thick of the battle, hacking and slashing with little to no dodging or defense, just cutting everything to ribbons without a second thought.

That´s basically what I said, but thanks for putting it in better words.


I like these ideas, I might try to draw my own version of them.

That is exactly how I imagine Tahu would start out, although over time I'd imagine his style would get more complex and reserved (still nowhere near the level of Kopaka).

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The TTV cast has to see this.

Thanks, I hope they do.

That is a good point, although I agree that Kopaka would probably pick-up "Toa-skills" the fastest.

I can't imagine Kopaka ever throwing his shield; that seems far more like a Lewa thing to do. I imagine that the Ice Toa would want to keep it on him just in case he has to defend.

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He can just do what Mei does in Overwatch and make a pesky ice wall.
He needs to do the shield throw AT LEAST ONCE. Also use it as a snowboard sometime

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Right, of course. A direct reflection of his character.

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Tough on the outside but molten magma on the inside.
I guess.

Kopaka, you can just resume his entire character in one legendary G2 quote.....



Though Tahu also has a magnificent quote:



Does anyone renember the minisodes lol


Just preserve the hot-headed, irrational and brash personality Tahu is known for, and slowly develop him into a proper warrior and leader. Someone who has enough blunt force of will they could use it as as a weapon in combat. Maybe play up on Kopaka and Tahu not being too different, but also total polar opposites. Each has traits the other despises, but each has traits the other envies. They play off each other's strengths and weaknesses, which makes a strong bond of teamwork between them absolutely horrifying in a combat situation. (For whoever is on the wrong side of them)

Uh... yeah, sure, what he said.

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This needs to have Tahu/Kopaka dishing it out to each other in a fit of enraged frenzy :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think the ice wall would be fine once he fully masters his powers.


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