Toa Fusions: Kopaku, Onula, Lehatu

The great mask maker Ekimu reveals that the toa can fuse together! Why? To defeat giant spiders.

Lehatu Is the Toa fusion between Lewa and Pohatu. They have access to the mask of jungle and stone and has the combined power stone and jungle, Erosion.

Kopaku the fusion of Kopaka and Tahu. They have the combined power of fire and ice, Blizzards.

Onula is the fusion of Gali and Onua, and they have the combined power of earth and water, Storms.

These ar the first of many horrible mocs. Enjoy.


A bit simple, but they get the idea across. Also, I get erosion being wind's (or "jungle's") and stone's combine power, but the other ones make no sense. Maybe Onula's power should be mud slides, and Kopaku's could be... I don't Know, actually, fire and ice are hard but fun to combine.


so is it Potara version or Dance version

I was going to use mud but I thought "Mud's not a cool idea!" so yeah. Also in a game called dragon city, which if you breed a fire dragon and an ice dragon you get a blizzard dragon.


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you have never watched DragonBall Z

So this is what would happen if the Toa did a fusion dance.

These are very simple, they look more like parts and aspects of each Toa were swapped rather than fusing together. They get the concept across but I think the execution could be improved.

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It still makes absolutely no sense.