Toa Gadin's team

These were six Toa I built shortly after the Rahkshi hunter most of them look a little scavenged together and the photos didn't turn out too well, I don't have good lighting.

First up we have Gadin, toa of water
She became the leader of the team after Vataa originally left and kept the role even after his return.

Second we have Vataa
the former leader of the team who left after being chosen to be part of a Toa Hagah team, he escaped after learning about the plot to put The great spirit into a deep sleep.

Next we have Parik
Parik is the second in command and a strong yet gentle toa, he enjoys sitting down and relaxing once in awhile to think about some of the good times he's had.

Always watchful is Bofu
Bofu is a Toa of plantlife who watches for danger, his suletu lets him contact others when needed.

Hidden in the snow storms is Kibi
Kibi watches from afar, never interfering unless a matter gets out of hand, hardly anyone has seen him.

Lastly we have Yaval
Toa of magnetism who escaped the Makuta with Vataa, he gets along with the team rather well despite being new

One last group shot of the team
These were kinda my first few mocs after getting back into Bonkles awhile back, so they're rather simplistic but I do like how they look together


Simplistic, but overall still nice. The Toa of Ice bothers be a bit for some reason I can't place though.

Perk Ek, they're simple but not terribad. There are a few parts that disrupt the styling and color consistency, which I'll call out here:

Gadin: The bushings on her legs. The light blue waist.

Vataa: The sand green thighs. The open balljoints on the torso. (Attach a few CCBS shells in the smallest size, and his torso should be a lot cooler.

Parik: Same suggestion about the balljoints.

Bofu: The Vahki torsos as feet. Also the fact the weapon introduces three colors, but can be justified if it's a weapon not specifically made for him.

Kibi: The extra pieces on his feet and thighs. The silver mask on an otherwise perfectly white body. Same with the gunmetal in his staff.

The rest is okay.

Probably because he has no hands, I was really running out of parts
I guess he should ask turaga lhikan for some hands

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It's funny, I just made a toa team myself,

having that said,
the team looks patched together out of other teams, mostly from the drastically different builds,
Gadin and Vataa look alright, and part of the same team, the others look like they're from different teams,

the odd sometimes ugly design choices make them look really off, not to mention the plethora of open ball joints.

they aren't bad,
but revising them would definitely make them better.
I would make them more alike, if possible.