Toa Hagah and the torso matter.

So, considering that the Artakha contest is entering its second part we need to look into the future, and more specifically - towards a future canonization contest relating to everyone’s favorite elite Toa team, the Toa Hagah.
I have often seen - mostly in fan-made MOC’s - the team represented using a Metru-build and apparently that is even a potential (or finalized) rule for the canonization contest.

My question is - why?

Beyond the sets there is not a single reason why that should be a rule, there is nothing in canon to suggest it. More so - the canon even actually goes against this, by saying that the Toa’s appearances are all influenced by those Toa they lived with as Matoran. And furthermore, it also says the Toa are always the same size, regardless of real-world set sizing, meaning that no matter how big (except maybe for titans) your Toa gets it technically is always the size of a Toa Mata.
Meaning that even a fully-custom Technic/CCBS torso frame would still be good enough since in canon there is no reason to believe that all Toa looked like the Toa Metru (aka the sets most people limit themselves with).
The Toa should come in all shapes, forms, and sizes, and the Toa Hagah - out of all the Toa teams - should reflect that. They came from all over the MU and were probably influenced by dozens of various Toa (Inika-esque ones, Metru-esque ones, heck, maybe even a Hordika at some point) and there is no point in making them have one and the same, rather boring, construction pattern.

I am curious about why people always build them like that, and why nobody has ever tried a fully custom Toa Hagah. Are the two actually released sets so definitive in appearance that everyone is afraid to let their imagination run free?
I am not really going to criticize TTV for making those rules, it is their right, but the question is just why?
Maybe somebody can explain that to me?

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