Toa Hagah color schemes

Hi. I have some questions I’d like to ask to the community regarding the metallic colors the Toa Hagah can wear. If Bomonga, Gaaki, Kualus and Pouks belong in the same team as Norik and Iruini, they should be made entirely with their metru colors (I mean, no gray or medium blue limbs) with black hands and one or two black torso pieces. However, I have a problem with the metallic armor. Unless people are willing to paint the Hagah shields, we can predict that the remaining Toa Hagah will have either flat dark gold or flat silver. Here’s the thing, Toa Kualus and Toa Gaaki can only use flat silver armor because white+gold and blue+gold are the Light and Psionics color schemes respectively. Therefore, Pouks and Bomonga can only wear golden armor or otherwise there would be more silver than golden Toa. So the question is, must the Toa Hagah color schemes avoid breaking the elemental color schemes at any cost or there is no problem for you to have golden toa of ice and water? Do you prefer to paint the pieces to allow more creative freedom? If so, how would it be? I can think of two golden, two silver and two copper or pearl dark gray. Or maybe a unique metallic color for each toa like metallic blue, metallic green or even pearl gold.

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This part of why I believe FFA to be by far the best option.

Don’t mind painting pieces? Then you can build physical mocs.
Prefers to stay purist? Either only enter some of the Hagah, use, or submit artwork
Don’t have a lot of parts? Submit artwork instead.

It includes everyone: moccists, digital moccists, artists, purists, etc…

As far as I know, there’s nothing saying that a toa of water or toa go light couldn’t be blue and gold. It’s like how Hahli Inika is blue and white, but isn’t a toa of lighting. Most people would prefer to not see gold mixed with white and blue, though.


Hagah originate from entirely different isalnds/places. Greg confirmed that they are all Metru builds, and that they all are mainly of their Rahagah colours, but I see no reason to not use secondary colours (Dark Blue Gaaki with Medium Blue accents etc.). I am just wondering, to each one their own of course.

What Atobe_Brick said, plus Ba-Matoran’s colour scheme, which is entirely included in that of Onu-Matoran. So, it would be perfectly okay in canon, as it has already occured there. Fans though - they are unpredictable.
Also, I like the idea of 3/3 and 2/2/2 distributions, with third colour being Gunmetal/Pearl Dark Grey or Copper.


Or Hahli Mahri is blue and green, but isn’t a Toa of The Green (come on Hahli! choose well your color).

Personally I won’t mind golden Gaaki, but I would be more cautious with a golden Kualus. In this case I’m not against of painted pieces.

This, or even 1/1/1/1/1/1 (I don’t know if there are that many metal colors), but a combination that make them look like a balanced team.


There is copper, metallic blue, metallic green and gunmetal to fill in the amount of metallic colors in Lego (not counting the variants of gold and silver like pearl light gray or metallic gold). So yes, a 1/1/1/1/1/1 color scheme is possible with painting, unless the paints that match those colors are hard to find. Has someone made a post of spray paints for plastic that match Lego colors the best?

My takes would be:
Kualus - > metal blue
Pouks - > gunmetal
Bomonga - > metal green
Gaaki - > copper

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And metallic pink. And the metallic colors of the Rahkshi (if you count those). But anyway, I think that for mocs, any color should be allowed, as long as it’s made to be shiner in the final artwork.

Here’s the topic for that

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this is ideally how I would want it.

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copper seems somewhat obscure to me, although this is entirely subjective. Personally would prefer 3 silver and 3 gold, or 2 silver, 2 gold, and 2 gunmetal.