Toa Hagah origins

One day I was sitting at my desk playing around with my moc of Bomonga and listening to X ambassadors and I wondered, where did you come from? I need ideas people, now my soon-to-be-realized dream of a fan film: “Bionicle Requiem” is coming to life, so tell me what you think.

Don’t have a ton of ideas, but here’s some rambling about their lives as Matoran which serve to explain certain aspects of their personalities.

Pouks hailed from a region where the matoran’s inherent dedication toward working hard and fulfilling their duties was treated with particularly great reverence. This upbringing would mold Pouks outlook on life into a rather matter-of-fact and to the point kind of fellow. Along with that the Turaga of the village had worked to drill into his Matoran the idea that sneaking around and going about things in a way which could come off as deceptive is something fit only for thieves and murderers.

Kualus lived on a mountainous island which received little in the way of attention from the outside world, resulting in little to do but tend to ones everyday duties, of which Kualus’s was to see to the training and domestication of birds for use as the primary means of communication between the scattered and isolated settlements. Such a task was long and required an even temperment, resulting in Kualus being quite used to spending hours at a time remaining in one spot for extended periods as he waited for his birds to return from their training flights.

Gaaki was a native to a ga-matoran village who had always had ambitions of joining those among her village that participated in the yearly hunt for Takea which attacked their fishing nets. This drive to prove herself would result in a turn towards the studying of any material pertaining to aquatic rahi Gaaki could get her hands on, which in turn would result in the matoran training herself to read more archaic Matoran dialects to gain as much information as she possibly could.

Bomonga lived with his fellow Onu-Matoran in a vast cave complex. While not unusual for Onu-Matoran, this cave was stalked by viscous insectoid Rahi. These rahi had one weakness however, they were blind had had to rely on sound and feeling vibration to make their way through the caves. Thankfully for the matoran, these creatures were extremely territorial, attacking any other’s of their species that entered. With time, Bomonga and his companions would develop ways to hunt these beasts, eventually going on to lead the hunting party responsible for ultimately driving these beasts from their home.

Iruini lived in a mixed Le-Bo-Matoran village in the boreal forests of the northern continent. Early in his life however, their village was conquered by and subjected to the rule of the League of Six Kingdoms, soon followed by the much harsher rule of one of dozens of petty warlords who rose in the Barraki’s disappearance. While life was harsh for the Matoran, it wasn’t anything they couldn’t survive, as the warlords forces would make it a point to defend them from attacks by other warlords or raiding parties, but would leave them to their own devices when it came to Rahi and other “small dangers”. This period would come to an end when a team of Toa arrived and liberated the surrounding region from the overlords rule.

Norik lived as a craftsman and mask maker in his village. When a series of attacks by Kirikori-Nui ravaged their crops, the leader of their village spent much time talking about his intention to lead a raid on the Kirikori nest, but as the attacks worsened, it became clear to most these words held no weights. As such, Norik would take it upon himself to lead a raid on the Kirikori nest, using kanoka and torches to drive out the swarm and saving the crops. As a result of this, most of the Matoran in Norik’s village would turn to him whenever hardship struck, to which Norik would help his fellow villager through by example rather than words or speeches.


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Dude it’s gonna take, probably a year for what I have planned

Could it be possible that Norik was a Toa Hagah for another Makuta before joining the Toa Team that eventually merged with Varian’s team? Why else would he have his Hagah gear in No One Gets Left Behind?

(Besides the real reason of “the authour didn’t think it all the way through”)