Toa helios

what do you think of him

I may get some negativity for using the HF system but I peter to use it when it comes to mocs


He's very much, uh....Generic. It's basically a better armored Rocka with the Laval Chestplate, and some swords..

I have no qualms with one using the HF system, but I think he needs some better, more defining features.

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okay sure do you have any suggestions?

Well, the biggest thing is the color scheme. Gumetal, and gold.

Now, the Gold I get. that's fine. But maybe like, give it a higher contrast color. Like, something to go with the gold, something better than the gunmetal.

There are other things, but they don't come to mind ATM.

how about now?

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The trans-blue flows with the Chima chestplate, but clashes with the
trans-green eyes. Switch out the head for a blue one, and replace MOAR of the gold with trans-blue!

I know pretty much nothing about MOC stuff, but I do appreciate you using Hero Factory pieces - it gives us an idea of what some other Bionicle sets may look like when they're released once more.

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sadly I don't have very much trans-blue pieces so I am going back to gunmetal

I decided to give him an upgrade without blue or the chima chest plate

and from the back

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I like the progress here. The forst picture was just a generic hf figure ,but your last post is really cool. I can see it as a 2015 toa of ...soemthing.

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does any one have another idea for me about what to make next?

The sword is a bit small.