Toa Helrix (Canon Contest#1: The First)

Presenting my rendition of the long unseen first Toa.

Im quite proud of how she turned out. The torso is mostly the result of wanting to build something around a slizer head and ended up shaping similar to a mata torso (in the waist and shoulders) by coinsidence.
The colour scheme isn’t exactly what i had planned either. Alas Im still (after nearly 2 months) waiting on those bricklink orders. Overall Id say she has benefited from the tweaks made as a result of the delay.

(not the best back pic but I’ve redone these photos thrice already.)
The mace design was borrowed from a Turaga I built a couple years ago while the Tower shield was a stroke of inspiration while scrounging around in my parts drawers. Honestly Im not a fan of the multi-layer silver shields a lot of my competitors have used.


That last photo of helryx straight chillin :sunglasses:


The heartlight is a cool touch!

I like the clean colour scheme and size, I agree with your statement about the silver shields-they look messy.

Thanks guys . I’m taking these contests as more building challenge than anything. Never actually entered anything like this before, so its really encouraging to hear my first foray is well received. :blush: